Lesson 12: Numbers when ordering food

Okay, you’ve had a few bits of great advice, now it’s time to drop a language bomb on you. 

In this lesson, you’ll learn a bit about counting in Japanese.

Japanese has many different ways of counting things, depending on the type of object, size, shape, etc… 

…but I won’t be going into all that. 

Instead, I’m going to focus on the counting you will need when ordering food at a restaurant.

This counting system is sometimes referred to simply as the “native counting” system. I’m going to show you how to order between one and five of something from the menu.

If you refer back to lesson #5 where I showed you how to order one of something, it looked like this:

kore wo hitotsu kudasai

means ‘one of this please.’

Now you simply replace the bold word — hitotsu — in the phrase above, with the number you want from the list below:

  1. hitotsu (一つ)
  2. futatsu (二つ)
  3. mittsu (三つ)
  4. yottsu (四つ)
  5. itsutsu (五つ)

You might use this when ordering more than one of the same dish, or buying more than one of the same item at a store… there are many situations these counting words will come in handy.

This lesson is a bit steep. Read it over a few times, practice the words. If you click on each one, you’ll hear a pronunciation of the word. 

Listen, practice, repeat… then wait a day, do it again.

Tomorrow I want to dive into why you should learn some Japanese.