Lesson 13: Why learn some Japanese?

I hope the last lesson helped you out. It’s a phrase you’ll use often. If you didn’t learn it well yet, please do — it will help your dining experiences quite a bit.

Which ties into this tip. Why learn some Japanese? 

Okay, maybe you don’t want to master Japanese — that takes a very long time.

 Maybe you don’t really want to study the language at all. You might be too busy, don’t really need it, or just won’t be in Japan very long.

But I would challenge you to learn some Japanese because even just a tiny bit goes a LONG way toward improving your time here.

Even just small things, like some of the phrases I’ve already given you, will smooth things out for you. 

There will be many times when you’re out and about and a couple of good phrases will come in handy.

They could mean the difference between a frustrating situation and a constructive one — and learning some Japanese is not nearly as hard as you might imagine at first.

That’s all for now. Easy reading for today. In the next lesson, I’m going to teach you a simple strategy to start your learning.