Lesson 14: Learn situationally, what you like.

This is a tip I give everyone who asks me for a good way to learn Japanese. 

I tell them, learn situationally. 

Pick something about Japan you’re really interested in, dive into it, and learn it.

It’s a 5 step process which looks something like this:

  1. Pick one situation you enjoy in Japan
  2. List the tiny situations that might come up while in that situation
  3. Research the Japanese phrases to use in those tiny situations
  4. Test the phrases, revise them, and begin using them
  5. Repeat again with another situation you enjoy

Your homework is to give the steps above a try. Try to build out a situation map as I described.

Just a couple of lessons left in this course. Tomorrow we’ll get into telling time in Japanese and then there’s just one more lesson after that.