Lesson 6: Thank you and You’re Welcome

I know it’s only been a day, but I hope you had a chance to try out yesterday’s phrase. It’s so useful, I know you’ll be using it a lot while in Japan.

Today is just going to be a nice, easy, couple of words. 

How to say thank you, and you’re welcome. Piece of cake right?

Arigatou is probably easy enough for you. It’s used in a lot of movies and you may have heard it before.

Actually, if you just want to say a quick “thanks” you can use doumo. It’s less formal, but it is more casual and used often between friends, but don’t worry — the Japanese people around you won’t judge you for it.

But I bet doitashimashite is a quite a mouthful huh? It’s so much easier to say “you’re welcome” in English, isn’t it?

I told you this would be a nice easy lesson. Just a couple of words to learn. Tomorrow we’ll have one more phrase to learn and then we’ll get away from the language for a few lessons.