Lesson 8: Some of the nicest people on Earth

I’m going to let you in on a cultural tip in this lesson — which if you’ve been in Japan even a little while, I’m sure you’ve discovered this already.

The Japanese people are some of the nicest people on Earth. 

They don’t belittle even the simplest of jobs — such as janitors, housekeeping, or fast-food workers.

They relish in self-pride (sometimes too much so). You’ll often find them bending over backward to help others.

My point with this is, mingle

The Japanese will take you under their wing if you show the desire and effort to learn the culture. They’ll offer you food at outdoor events, help you at the train station, give you directions, etc… 

Get out there, enjoy the culture, enjoy the people. Make some connections, and you’ll more fully enjoy your time in Japan.

We’re reaching the halfway point of this course. I know I’ve been slamming you with new content quickly.

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