Lesson 9: Stay Motivated

Staying motivated when the language barrier is so steep can be quite hard. 

You’ll run into this barrier over, and over, and over, and over again… and over again some more. 

Japanese is a tough language. The characters look nothing like English. There is extremely little English spoken. 

The vast majority of the people in Japan are Japanese (unlike America where we’re a melting pot of cultures). 

But that makes the reward so much better.

When you begin learning a few phrases and reading a little… you’ll feel like a superhero.

You’ll feel liberated, excited even, that you can get out there and do things your peers can only dream of. 

So stay motivated. Keep learning. Never stop learning, never give up, and slowly, but surely, you’ll begin grasping the language.

In tomorrow’s lesson, I’m going to expand on this some more.