Katakana Boot Camp

Welcome to katakana boot camp. This is the capstone of this course. The goal is to give you one place where you can practice recalling katakana until you’ve mastered them.

It’s the same recall practice you’ve seen in every lesson but contains every katakana character — even all the extra combinations to make foreign language sounds in Japanese.

Train Yourself

Use this recall practice as many times as you can right now. I know, it’s long. It will take some time. But do it over and over right now until you either drop from exhaustion or it’s too easy.

When Are You Done?

You’re done when you can take at least a 3 month break and the recall practice is still simple. And you can always come back to strengthen your memory any time you want.

Recall Practice

Time for boot camp! This recall covers all the characters all together. Good luck.

Good job! Continue practicing until you can confidently complete this with ease. Use the buttons below to restart the practice (challenge yourself with inverted and challenge mode).

Once this practice feels easy to you it’s time to take a quick break and then move on to the next lesson.