Learn Katakana-N

In the last lesson, we went over ワ and ヲ — a super simple lesson with just a couple similar characters to worry about. This is probably this simplest lesson — the N consonant — just one character.


Stand-Alone Syllable

The N sound is its own standalone syllable.

Take for example the Japanese word for bakery: panya (パンヤ). It is pronounced pa-n-ya, not pa-nya (you will learn nya in a later lesson).

Look out for シ-ツ-ソ-ン-ノ

And here we are. All five of the super similar katakana characters. So similar it’s as if they were created by a prankster.

  • シ → shi
  • ツ → tsu
  • ソ → so
  • ン → n
  • ノ → no

Just do your best to make out the differences here. The recall boot camp at the end will help you set this in memory forever.