Katakana-RA RI RU RE RO

In the last lesson we went over マ三ムメモ — a simple lesson without any real gotchas. The R consonant in this lesson is simple too. While there is a pronunciation issue to think about, the characters are easy to tell apart.

RA RI RU RE RO-ラリルレロ

Just like in hiragana, this consonant has a catch. The R sounds like L.

  • → ra (like “la”)
  • → ri (like “lee”)
  • → ru (like “loo”)
  • → re (like “lay”)
  • → ro (like “low”)

Nothing to Look Out ForT

This lesson is straight forward. The characters are distinct enough. You may want to think about (ro) and (ko), but these are easy to tell apart too.

Recall Practice

Time to practice! Just like in all lessons, do this as many times as it takes for you to feel like you can confidently select the correct answer without guessing.

This recall brings back ナ二ヌネノ to combine with らりるれろ.

Good job! Continue practicing until you can confidently complete this with ease. Use the buttons below to restart the practice (challenge yourself with inverted and challenge mode).

Once this practice feels easy to you it’s time to take a quick break and then move on to the next lesson.