Moominvalley: Carefully Crafted Moomin Theme Park in Japan

Updated October 15, 2019

Moominvalley is an amusement park just outside Tokyo in Hanno City, Saitama meticulously crafted to bring you into the world of Moomin.

What to Expect

Moominvalley is a theme park that blends nature with Finnish-Swedish flair for an eclectic, interesting look. You’ll find random exhibits of Moomin culture all over the park.

It’s not a thrill-ride type amusement park, instead focusing on showing you interesting things to see in the Moomin theme.

There are a few “phases” to the park. The entrance brings you into the story and sets the mood.

Muumilaakso is the live stage and 4D theater area where you can see live performances and also check out the interesting projected video experience.

The restaurant serves a nice variety of Nordic menu options and there is an adventure area where kids can zipline around and climb rope bridges, etc.

Overall there is a fantastic mix of things to see and do for all ages, especially if you’re a fan of Moomin.

What is the Metsa Village?

When you Google for Moominvalley, you may have noticed some sites talking about a “Moomin park” in Saitama from years ago. That’s the Metsa Village — which the new Moominvalley is a part of.

However, while the Metsa Village is free to enter, Moominvalley is not.

How much does Moominvalley cost?

Adults are ¥1,500, children only ¥1,000 (free for under 3) and there are exhibits with separate costs inside the park.

Note: you can pre-order your tickets online.

Moominvalley 10 min taxi from Higashi-Hanno Station #Moomin

+Moominvalley is home to the Moomins, a family of white and round hippopotamus-like characters, alongside their eclectic group of friends where they live a life of adventure in harmony with the beautiful natural surroundings. The real-life Moominvalley Park has been meticulously designed to recreate the Moomin universeGaijinPot

+You can visit Moomin’s house and enjoy the surroundings of nature, which is so important to the world of Moomin. The park’s creators did what they could not to cut down trees when building the park.Kotaku

+Dive into the world of the Moomins! A house replicated down to the last detail, a lighthouse and many other attractions based on the illustrated children’s books will transport you into the magic of the Moomins home of Moominvalley.Japan Experience

+While the stories are aimed at children, that isn’t to say that grown-ups cannot learn anything from them. Instead, deeper insight can be gleaned from the stories as adults. Accordingly, the theme park is not only for children to experience the world of Moomin, but also for adults to gain a deeper understanding of the author, her life and her art.Japan Guide

+The whole Metsa area is based in a beautiful area in Saitama with a lake surrounded by forest which perfectly represents the atmosphere of the original Moominvalley from the stories. The open space and fresh air is a great alternative to the hectic city life back in Tokyo.Savvy Tokyo

Vocabulary Study

  • こえん → koen means park

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