Orbi Yokohama – Virtual Experiences to Learn and Enjoy Nature

Updated October 15, 2019

Orbi Yokohama is a virtual learning nature exhibit with games, interactive video, and even a petting zoo, where kids can learn nature in a fun way.

If you like mixing tech with learning, this place is for you. “Giant, immersive, projected films” is their specialty. There’s enough to see for about 2-3 hours at a natural, slow pace.

It’s a great place to take kids. They get to have fun while learning and the exhibits don’t bore adults to death. 🙂

Besides the cool tech, there are plenty of opportunities to see and pet real animals too.

Yokohama isn’t technically Tokyo, but it’s so close I include it on TokyoSpark. You can easily make a day trip here in an hour or so from Tachikawa Station — faster if you’re already at a downtown station like Shibuya.

Orbi Yokohama 1 min walk from Minatomirai Station #Yokohama

+Here’s the “about page” in English on the official Orbi Yokohama site

Orbi Yokohama can definitely provide you with lots of interesting and new discoveries. Opened in 2013, Orbi Yokohama is an experience-oriented museum collaborated by BBC Earth and SEGA. When you visit Yokohama, this museum is absolutely a must-see spot.Taiken Japan

+It also features some of the world’s most stunning images of nature and living, breathing representatives of the animal kingdom, to create a unique place for both play and intuitive learning – one that creates a moving experience filled with a sense of intimacy.Yokohama

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