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Me - Chad Thiele

Hi, I’m Chad Thiele. I’m the founder of TokyoSpark.

I’m the eternal visitor. I work on a military base, live outside the local economy, and get to enjoy Tokyo like a visitor everyday — for the last 22 years — learn more about me here.

I hand-pick the delicious eats, interesting sights, and intriguing Japanese culture; refine it, add my own research and experience — and then deliver it to you.

So you don’t have to do the work; just learn and enjoy Tokyo.

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Don’t trust an algorithm for your information

I love social media. But the info you receive is filtered through an algorithm showing you popular, sometimes superficial content — or worse, sponsored content.

I focus on real, authentic content that passes my “human filter” and on decades of experience — TokyoSpark arrives in your inbox every week unfiltered, unbought and unbossed.

Google is great, but Chad sends me things I wouldn’t have found on my own. And things I didn’t even know to search for.


If you like your info to be succinct, sourced, and well-written, then TokyoSpark is the one for you.


TokyoSpark’s curation is thoughtful and thorough– with everything I need in one place.


It’s like having an informant passing you only the interesting stuff. I love it! Partly because I’d rather not spend the time. Glad Chad does!


I consider myself knowledgeable on Tokyo (I’ve been here 6 years), but Chad always sends me things I haven’t found yet.