What is Pizza in Japan? Delicious and Weird at the Same Time!

Pizza In Japan; Delicious And Weird At The Same Time!
  • Japan has some crazy toppings like crab, mayo, potato, sea urchin, and more
  • It’s also quite expensive
  • But there is a ton of variety and flavors to sample

11:18 AM… Saturday, 18 December.

*inhales deeply* Ahhhhh! Pizza oven… that bready, tomato-ey, ever so slightly burnt edges kind of smell. The warmth spreading around the restaurant, welcoming patrons on a cool winter afternoon.

It’s lunch time in Japan and I’m dying for pizza. This time happens to be a Neapolitan, Italian style pizza baked in those amazing stone ovens. 

Tokyo is special. It’s a lot like New York City. Where essentially everything you’d want to eat is available somewhere. All you have to do is find it.

Pizza is a special food. On one hand the purist, Italian, carefully hand-crafted masterpieces of pizza. On the complete opposite side of the spectrum are things like Dominos and Pizza Hut — and Pizza-La in Japan.

In this article, I simply want to show you pizza in Japan and curate a whole ton of resources for you to discover places to go — and more to learn if you want.

Warning: Pizza in Japan is… Different, and Expensive

Some will like it. Some won’t.

Basically, if you love your pizza a very specific way and always with a certain set of toppings, you’re probably not going to like it.

But if you are adventurous and believe variety is the spice of life, you’ll love it!

Uhg… that price though!

You will probably be blown away by how expensive Japanese pizza can be. The premium 4-flavor pizzas will run you around $30-$40 each! And if you think large means large… it’s more like a medium. 

But don’t let that deter you. Let’s start off with something remarkable.

The Birth of Neapolitan Pizza in Japan

In this video, Eater introduces us to pizza chef Susumu Kakinuma. Who is credited with starting the Neapolitan pizza movement in Japan. Thanks Kakinuma-san!

And if you’re looking for an affordable (cheap) place to find Neapolitan style pizza, Tokyo Cheapo has a place for you to check out:

Napoli’s Pizza – Viva the One Coin Pizza Revolution

“Napoli’s is a chain of pizzerias that has expanded rapidly across Tokyo and beyond in the past couple of years. Although they all share a similar concept and similar names, there are two distinct types – the flagship Napoli’s Pizza”

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Japanese Pizza Toppings

And then we start moving toward the weird side of pizza in Japan — at least from a foreigner’s perspective. To the Japanese this is totally normal.

They have toppings such as:

  • Potato
  • Corn
  • Cream sauce
  • Mayo
  • Seaweed
  • Crab
  • Shrimp
  • Clams
  • Scallops
  • Salmon

You know what? I could probably go on and on. Not because they use a lot of toppings in Japan.

They do.

But it is because the Japanese consumer really values variety. Some ingredients will only be available certain times of the year — pizza seasonality!

10 Crazy Pizzas From Japan

“Whether you love it or hate it, Japanese pizza exists. McDonald’s manages to provide homesick foreigners in Japan with a similar (and arguably better) product from back home, but somewhere along the line, chain pizza stores in Japan got it all wrong.

We’re sure there are those who enjoy the typical Japanese-style pizza, but after reading through internet forums of hungry foreigners, those who joyfully eat a slice from Japan are in the minority.”

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This article wouldn’t be complete without letting Simon and Martina show you weird Pizza Hut pizza in Japan in only the way they can.

Hand-Picked Articles About Pizza in Japan

And now the main event! Or… well, you know… the list of great resources for you to find pizza shops and learn more.

Pizza Lovers Be Sure To Try Pizza Studio Tamaki in Roppongi, Tokyo!

“It might seem counterintuitive to get pizza in Tokyo, of all places. But throughout your trip to Japan, you will definitely hear many people say that the best place they’ve ever had Italian cuisine is in… Tokyo! Pizza Studio Tamaki is la creme de la creme in terms of pizza in Tokyo!”

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The Best Pizza of 2017

“I love pizza. I’ve been eating it for my whole life in every form, from frozen Pizza Pop to the most authentic trattoria in Naples, Italy. I don’t discriminate. I grew up in a small city in Canada where all-you-can-eat was a necessity for my two brothers and I.

Anywhere in the world that I travel, big city or small, I at least do diligence to put my finger on the pulse of the local scene. Whether it’s a flat one-dollar slice, hipster pizza with toppings like Sriracha or honey, or deep dish in all its heavy greasy glory, I want to know what is out there.

Just because I don’t discriminate, doesn’t mean I don’t have a preference: I love Neapolitan style pizza and I love it most in Japan. Especially at Pizza Studio Tamaki.”

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Ordering Pizza Made Easy

“If you’re anything like me, living in Japan for long periods of time can bring on certain hunger pangs from time to time for food from back home. One of my favorite things to order is pizza, but I have heard many complaints about how home delivery pizza is too expensive, difficult to order or just doesn’t taste good, due to weird toppings or combinations.

Of course Japan is well-known for it’s mayo and corn pizza, but getting a meat lovers is totally possible! In this entry, I’m going to share my expert tips for ordering pizza!As far as home delivery pizza goes, by far the best choice for nationwide chains is Domino’s Pizza.”

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Tokyo Pizza & Beer Roundup

“At Ginza 300 BAR NEXT, you can get generously fed and watered for only a few ¥100 coins. Staying true to the bar’s name, everything on the menu costs ¥300, which makes 300 BAR NEXT a cheap and cheerful alternative to the glitzier bars in the Ginza neighborhood.

The drink selection is impressive with over 150 cocktails to choose from, Heineken and Kirin Stout on tap, as well as international beers such as Budweiser, Corona and Bass Pale Ale on offer, all for a paltry ¥300 (international beers until 7 pm).”

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Pizza Slice, Shibuya – Pipping Hot NYC Pizza!

“Pizza Slice between Shibuya and Ebisu stations is one of my kids’ favorite pizza joints in Tokyo. They love the thin crisp crust, the sauce and the fact they can have 5-6 different types in one sitting.

The ambiance is quite Americana; retro warehouse with high ceilings, cool lighting, and white subway tiles. If you …”

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Easy Recipes for Homesick Gaijin, Part 1: Pizza

“Chuffed to have our good friend Mike Oakland from TokyoDesu share with us one of his delicious “Easy Recipes for Homesick Gaijin” posts today.

Here at TokyoDesu, we’re not exactly culinary wiz-kids, but we know our way around a kitchen (ladies…) and we certainly know what gaijin like to eat. That’s why”

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Let’s Wrap This Up

And to cap off this article, this video by OzzyAwesome is.. ahem… awesome. 😉

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