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TokyoSpark is where the cool people go to discover Tokyo (true story). “Done for you” research combined with decades of experience and a network of local friends, our service aligns with your goal: We do the research; you ❤️ Tokyo.

And we keep doing the research even when you’re sleeping. Consistently working to add more for you to discover and learn.

Basically, we make your Tokyo time better; way better.

What? This isn’t free?

I want to get this out of the way the first thing because I can hear you say… “WHAT!? This isn’t free? Why?

And the answer is nope. Not free.

But there is a good reason, here’s why.

It’s a super secret club where all the cool kids discover the coolest things in the coolest city — so only the best of the best like you can join (and learn the secret squirrel handshake).

I’m going to look you in the eye (metaphorically).

Because I’m a straight shooter and am being completely transparent here — imagine I’m staring into your eyes when I say this:

“The guides, courses, restaurants, sights, low-key watering holes, research, curation, and yennies we share with you are purely to help you maximize your time in Tokyo (and discover the Japanese culture).”

And I can tell (you know because I’m looking you in the eyes) you’re the type of person who appreciates a helpful service that teaches you, keeps you up-to-date, points out things you may have missed otherwise, does the research for you, and maybe most importantly — saves you time.

What does that even mean?

What? Yennies? Yennies are Japanese pennies. 🙂

If you’re like me and just read that you may be thinking what does “completely intended to help you maximize your time in Tokyo” even mean?

It means our goal aligns with your goal: to do whatever it takes to make the most of your time in Tokyo. It means we do the research for you.

Do other sites not create content to help enjoy Tokyo?

Sort of.

But they have an agenda. Advertising money.

In order for them to continue writing more articles, they are beholden to advertisers.

In other words, they aren’t creating content only to help you. They’re creating it to appease advertisers — so they can make more money.

And then start the cycle all over again with each article.

Yea, so, what’s the problem?” I hear you say (right, you did say it didn’t you?)

The problem is what gets left out.

Since their content has to garner attention to generate advertising revenue — a fantastic, extremely helpful guide might never be created simply because the idea isn’t “popular enough.”

But that could have been the best thing you ever discovered about Tokyo.

Not here.

I don’t sell my soul to make an extra buck at your expense. We don’t craft thinly-veiled articles full of quotable phrases to be regurgitated across social media so more people will see it and earn more ad dollars.

Those don’t help you enjoy Tokyo.

We don’t write a “6,000-word ultra-mega complete comprehensive guide to end all guides (by experts) [2020]!” when just 200 carefully selected words will intrigue and delight just fine — without wasting your time.

We don’t use scientific, algorithmic, AI neural networks to predict the perfect content to create for you.

We just ask you what you want — and well, my gut too. My gut’s always right. Oh wait, I mean… my wife’s always right. Phew… safe!


Instead, we do the research for you.

Sure, I have decades of experience in Tokyo. I have a huge network of Japanese friends too. Heck, my wife is Japanese.

But I’m not going to pretend we know everything. The internet is vast. And hundreds of thousands of people visit Tokyo every year. Many sharing their experiences and unique insights.

Instead, we combine our experience living in Tokyo with research to find those unique insights — and making the best resources available at your fingertips.

It’s “done for you” research + experience + tools to learn more — in a thoughtful, organized, well-crafted experience — saving you hours upon hours of doing the research yourself.

We get to focus on you.

Maybe you’re planning a trip to Tokyo. Or you’re an ex-pat here for a long stay. Perhaps you’re in the Air Force at Yokota Air Base (shout out!)

Or maybe you worship Japanese culture and can’t get enough. Whatever floats your boat.

Instead of caring at all what advertisers think (we don’t!), we get to care what you think. In other words, you’re the boss!

No content gets left out because it doesn’t “poll well with our advertisers” or Google wouldn’t bring much traffic.

If the content would help you enjoy Tokyo, it gets created.

Created for a human.

I know… this sounds strange. But in the world of writing on the internet, everyone is in an epic struggle for Google recognition.

If you appease the Google Gods, they’ll bestow you with traffic and readers. So articles get written with Google in mind.

But not necessarily with you in mind.

They’ll sound weird. They’ll have all sorts of extra words added just because. Not because they’d help you understand something better. But merely in hopes, Google will send more readers which means more advertising money.

This leads to a rabid desire to appease Google even more… totally losing sight of you. You become a statistic to them. A tick on the counter to add another $.001 to the coffers.

Not an ebook.

Whoa, this was a weird story twist. Where did ebooks come from? I just want to say this:

Ebooks are things you buy once, download, maybe skim through, and probably forget about.

They often don’t bring you the value you hoped they would… and so they rot on your computer — never to be seen again (until you’re freeing up space on your full drives).

Remember, we want to actually be helpful.

So let’s make a deal.

I’ll promise to always move TokyoSpark ahead for you.

To consistently add new things for you to discover in Tokyo and ways to learn more about Japanese culture and the language.

New courses, lessons, guides, tips, curated content, insider knowledge, advice, phrases, vocabulary, friendship, caring, imagination, curiosity and all kinds of other exceptionally cool words.

To always focus on making your Tokyo time better; way better.

In exchange for a tiny monthly pledge from you.

  • A pledge that you’ll be an amazing member of TokyoSpark. One of the cool kids. A leg up on the average tourist.
  • A pledge that you want to join TokyoSpark because you really are the type of person who loves the Tokyo dream and the quirky Japanese culture — and the lame witty flavor we add to bring a smile to your day.
  • A pledge that helps three elderly cats receive the treatment they need to break a new Guinness World Record for the oldest living cat.
  • Maybe your that busy person who’d just really like to have a taste of something better.
  • Or you don’t want to use your precious time hunting for new things — you want the best, most interesting, most remarkable “done for you.”

Sound like a deal?

Bank-grade security. Easily unsubscribe if you wanted (really, it’s okay, but please don’t). 🙂

See you on the inside. It’s going to be a blast.


Chad Thiele
Founder, TokyoSpark

Wait. Wait… Wait! You haven’t told me what’s in TokyoSpark.

Oh… oops! You’re right. I guess I accidentally saved the best for last. From the moment you join you’ll unlock full access to things like:

■ Masterclasses to learn “enough” Japanese: efficiently learn the Japanese language that will help you make the best of your time in Japan — without feeling like you’re in some kind of strict classroom.

Learn at your own pace using some really wicked brain hacks using our proprietary recall tool to help you pack the Japanese into your brain fast.

■ TokyoSpark HI&E (“Human Intelligence & Experience“) — we scour thousands of resources for Tokyo and Japanese culture-related info; filtering out the junk to bring you the gems — saving your time.

■ Hand-picked, vetted restaurant recommendations — not the typically lame recommendations where it looks like someone just threw a dart at a map — or they checked out on a trip they had once way back when…

Recommendations based on decades of experience and… ahem, okay — let me be real, my awesome Japanese friends pick some really fantastic spots for you to check out.

■ Walking directions from the nearest train stations and locations of parking lots nearby the restaurants and locations shared on TokyoSpark.

These are Google Maps links. If you’re on a smartphone it will drop you right into the GMaps app and load up the directions for you — saves you time.

■ New content and updates come to you in realtime – no need to spend time downloading updates. They happen automatically.

■ A mobile-friendly design so everything works directly from your smartphone. Because let’s face it, you’re probably looking at this with your smartphone right now.

And about that — wow — thank you for making it this far down the page. You’re amazing! Or crazy. Which is it?

■ Hosted on the Google Cloud Platform for maximum performance — fast load times wherever you are (assuming you have a decent internet connection).

Basically some techno mumbo-jumbo for “ludicrous speed!”

■ A smooth, ad-free experience. Because “ick!” Nobody likes ads gunking things up.

Bank-grade security. Unsubscribe in 2-clicks (or was it 3-clicks?).


Did I mention the decades of experience in Tokyo? Hmm… I feel like I missed that part.


Dang… I can’t believe I totally forgot to mention there are all sorts of new things planned too! Things like:

Print-ready high-resolution (10k) digital artwork/photography of iconic things from Japan with a generous license vetted ready-to-use itineraries see the best of Tokyo + what the locals enjoy An “I want to go here” itinerary builder of the places shared on TokyoSpark question and answer system personal itinerary reviews. TokyoSpark community But of course no guarantees and if you actually read this you’ve got eagle eyes as a superpower or you cheated and zoomed in.

Of course, when new things come out you’ll get them as part of your membership — and any merch/digital products will be very heavily discounted for members like you.

You’ve already made up your mind to join right? 😉


Dude. If you got all the way down to here and your cat didn’t click the join button for you because you’re stunned at how impressive TokyoSpark is (okay, it’s actually how impressive my Japanese friends are —they’re the wizards behind the curtain) — guess we’re not for you.

And that’s okay. We’re not trying to be for everyone — plus, you’re weird.

No! I’m kidding. Of course, you’re not weird, it’s us. 🙂

Okay, being real here. We honestly aren’t for everyone. If that’s you, then cool. We tried, you weren’t impressed. 🙂

It happens.

Not very often, but it does. Sometimes. Rarely. Once in a blue moon.

But I don’t want to leave you hanging.

So check out some of these guys and gals. They’ve got some pretty good info that’s maybe more your thing. And yea, in some ways they’re our competitors… but if we’re not a fit for you that doesn’t mean we can’t help you still.

  • TrulyTokyo
  • Bento
  • BestLivingJapan
  • And this one too

Call us maybe?

You know, later, when regret starts sinking in from not joining. The cold sweats keep you up at night. That longing to fill that void in your soul overwhelms you…

Come on back. We’re not going anywhere and TokyoSpark will be baking the whole time you’re missing us. Adding more, and more, and more things you’ll miss out on completely if you don’t join.

(Oh, “baking” to mean consistent improvement over time.)

The End.

Please join. We’re just $9 away from perfecting the Automated Cat Barf Picker-Upper 1.0.

After 3,862 prototypes, we’re thiiiis close. It’s going to be revolutionary, mystical, and magical…

Alright, I’ll spill the beans. No… we’re not working on an ACBPU. But it would be pretty awesome right!? I’m tired of cleaning up cat barf.

But I’ll never tire of cat snuggles and nap time.


Have a great day.


Chad Thiele
Founder, TokyoSpark