What is "Pro Enhanced?"

Sometimes when you’re looking around TokyoSpark you may notice a guide marked “Pro Enhanced.” This is to let you know there is something extra available for TokyoSpark members.

■ Timely Advice

Often it is timely advice at just the right moment to bring you added value — to help you understand something more clearly — often pulled from over two decades of experience in Tokyo.

A quick explainer bringing added clarity in a succinct manner without requiring you to jump out to additional resources.

■ Japanese Language

Sometimes it’s just the right Japanese phrase perfect for the situation you’re in the middle of reading about — at the moment. And give to you in a really easy to understand way — not too much, not too little — just right.

■ Amazing Shops

Other times it could be a fantastic little mom and pop restaurant that is a personal favorite. And these are often the most well-hidden jaunts tourists almost never find (you know, the kind you really want to find).

The bottom line is when you see “pro enhanced” you know there’s something special lying in wait. And you can instantly unlock it by becoming a member yourself.