Ready to Have a Blast at Food Hall Blast! in Shinjuku?

Chad Thiele Updated April 17, 2019

Food Hall Blast! is a lavish food court serving stone hearth pizza, tacos, BBQ, coffee, even draft beer — in Shinjuku.

It’s actually filled with six shops: Pizza Cucinova, Chronic Tacos, Greenberry’s Coffee Co., Blast BBQ, Bar Lit, and Draft Pub Bevvy.

You can choose from quite a range here. Coffee and tacos for lunch, BBQ ribs and your favorite draft beer for dinner.

And they really go out of their way to craft a fantastic experience. The atmosphere is fresh, modern, while not being so over-the-top as to make you uncomfortable.

It’s a place you could sit, connect to the free WiFi, and write or surf the web for hours.

I wish this were the food court at malls near me. It’s almost like a cool hangout with a friend, talk about whatever, and enjoy the company — with good food.

Food Hall Blast! 3 min walk from Shinjuku Station #Shinjuku

+Expect to spend ¥1,500 for lunch, ¥3,000 for dinner here, cards accepted (Tabelog).

+Overall, Food Hall Blast! has a casual atmosphere that caters to all sorts of needs. With free WiFi, for example, diners can stop for a quick coffee or lunch while working on their laptops, then come back again at night for drinks at the very same bar…

There is an organized flow to the layout of the hall as if gently nudging the diner towards a certain path, depending on their mood. The first floor has a more casual vibe, with small bar tables and stools dispersed near each stall.” —Metropolis Magazine