Are You Ready to Have a Blast at Food Hall Blast! in Shinjuku?

Updated October 31, 2019 | by Chad A. Thiele, 23 year veteran of Tokyo.

Food Hall Blast! is a lavish food court serving stone hearth pizza, tacos, BBQ, coffee, even draft beer — in Shinjuku.

It’s actually filled with six shops: Pizza Cucinova, Chronic Tacos, Greenberry’s Coffee Co., Blast BBQ, Bar Lit, and Draft Pub Bevvy.

You can choose from quite a range here. Coffee and tacos for lunch, BBQ ribs and your favorite draft beer for dinner.

And they really go out of their way to craft a fantastic experience. The atmosphere is fresh, modern, while not being so over-the-top as to make you uncomfortable.

It’s a place you could sit, connect to the free WiFi, and write or surf the web for hours.

I wish this were the food court at malls near me. It’s almost like a cool hangout with a friend, talk about whatever, and enjoy the company — with good food.

How much does Food Hall Blast! cost?

Expect to spend ¥1,500 for lunch, ¥3,000 for dinner here, and credit cards are accepted. Also budget for paid parking or train fare.


Map pin to:Food Hall Blast!
3 min walk from Shinjuku Station

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