il Chianti

iL Chianti: Lovely Italian Dining, Fantastic for Date Night

Updated December 2, 2019 (4 days ago)

iL Chianti is a fantastic little Italian restaurant specializing in a moody, candlelit atmosphere and delicious authentic Italian cuisine with locations all over Tokyo.

It’s not perfect, but I can’t say enough good things about it. The food tastes magnificent, the atmosphere is fabulous for a date night. And the candlelight on the sturdy, wood-crafted table is a charming touch.

They really do have a great variety of Italian cuisine. From many types of spaghetti to a variety of flavors of pizza, to risotto, and even their own unique hamburger. The food is excellent.

They also offer a generous variety of Italian wine and even several import Italian beers. I did mention that this is great for a date night right? 😉

On another note, the Iruma, Saitama location is right next to Johnson Town — an area remnant from the Korean War with an old 1950’s American character.

Many locations will even have outdoor seating with burning torches for a memorable experience.

Is iL Chianti English Friendly?

This is the part that makes this place not perfect. No, it is not very English friendly. The menus are only in Japanese, and they do not have photos either.

In fact, many of the best items aren’t in the usual menu but instead written on the chalkboard menu on the walls.

That said, however, the attentive staff will try their best to help you order what you want and Google translate can sometimes be acceptable enough to help you pick the right items that you want on the menu — though sometimes the translations will be rather amusing.

Is it good for groups?

No, not particularly. It has large seats, some bench/booth type seating, but they’re best for 2-4 people.

Although, if you made reservations there’s a good chance they could pull some tables together for a larger group.

I don’t think you’d have too much of a problem splitting checks and things like that.

How much does iL Chianti cost?

il Chianti isn’t a cheap dining experience, but it’s also not crazy expensive either. Budget for something like ¥3,000-¥4,000 per person for dinner.

Of course, the price will depend completely on how much you eat and drink. You could get by with as low as ¥2,000 per person if you order just one food item and drink each.

Lunchtime does have some special prices where you could see as low as ¥1,000-¥2,000 per person.

Most locations will accept credit cards as well.


I can’t say every shop has the same hours, but from what I’ve seen they are open for lunch 1130-1530 and dinner 1730-2300 daily (including Sundays).

Parking will depend on location. Some do, some don’t. Check Google Maps to see if the one you decide to go to does.