Mugi no Oto, Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

Mugi no Oto: An Amazing Izakaya You’d Probably Walk Past

Updated December 2, 2019 (4 days ago)

But you shouldn’t.

Mugi no Oto is this tiny little amazing izakaya “hiding” in Kabukicho, inside of the crazy popular Shinjuku ward of Tokyo.

Mugi no Oto roughly translates into the sound of barley. So it’s not hard to imagine the owner was making a play on words when they founded the shop.

With a large selection of craft beer on tap, some imports available too, and some of the most incredible izakaya food you’ll experience anywhere — Mugi no Oto is one of those rare places you hope to find when exploring Tokyo.

And it’s one of those places you’ll kick yourself for missing if you visit Tokyo without checking it out — especially if you enjoy sampling craft beer.

And they offer live music events too… check their home page for event schedules.

Is Mugi no Oto English friendly?

It is! They have English menus available and the staff tries hard to speak at least some English to you — and they love to chat too.

The entrance to this place can be a bit hard to find though. It’s just a tiny door with some stairs leading down, hard to see from street level.

Is it good for groups?

Actually, given the area (Kabukicho doesn’t have much space for shops) it is surprisingly spacious. Small groups of say, 8 or so, should be no problem.

Seating is comfortable and there’s enough space to not bump elbows at every turn — though the place could get very busy on some weekends.

There are smoking sections, so plan for that if you’re sensitive to smoke.

How much does Mugi no Oto cost?

Of course, this depends on how much you eat and drink. Expect to spend at least ¥4,000-¥5,000.

They have an all you can drink course for that price, but if you add food onto the tab you can expect to spend a few thousand yen more.

They do accept credit card though so you could use that if you run out of yen.


Map pin to: Mugi no Oto
4-min walk from the Seibu-Shinjuku Station
Phone: 050-5597-5943