Torisoba Kotobuki, Ikebukuro, Tokyo

Torisoba Kotobuki: Yes, Lemon Ramen is Actually a Real Thing

Updated October 31, 2019, by C. Thiele, 23 year veteran of Tokyo.

Torisoba Kotobuki is a unique ramen shop in Ikebukuro with a zingy twist on the menu: ramen made with loads of citrusy lemon.

Well, one thing is for sure, this place knows how to get people talking about it. Nestled down in Ikebukuro, Torisoba Kotobuki has a very unique item or two on the menu.

Lemon ramen!

Yes, it’s exactly as you see in the photo too — a LOT of lemons. They even have a warning on the menu about how much lemon is in each bowl.

So if you’re on the hunt for a new flavor of ramen, check out Torisoba Kotobuki in Ikebukuro.

Is Torisoba Kotobuki English friendly?

Not especially at first. The ramen ticket vending machine at the entrance has very little English on it. Worse is there aren’t any photos of the items on each button either.

There isn’t much signage outside — and the little there is has no English either.

But luckily there is an English menu available upon request that will help you order what you want.

If you want to try the lemon “ramen,” tap the button labelled レモンそば — which is actually lemon soba, but that’s what is ordered in the video above.

Is Torisoba Kotobuki Group friendly?

This is a tiny little shop with only about 11 counter seats. If you come here as a group there’s a chance you won’t all be able to sit right away — or not sit together.

Since you buy a ticket at the door for the item you want, there’s no concern about splitting the check at the end.

How much does Torisoba Kotobuki cost?

Expect to spend about a ¥1,000 per person for dinner. The ramen ticket machine only accepts cash.

This shop doesn’t have parking so add paid parking to your budget if you plan to drive here.


Map pin to: Torisoba Kotobuki
2 min walk from Ikebukuro Station #ramen

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