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Yoroniku: When You Just Have To Have the Best Yakiniku There Is

Updated November 6, 2019 | by Chad A. Thiele, 23 year veteran of Tokyo.

Yoroniku is an award-winning A5 wagyu yakiniku restaurant with a pure focus on impeccable atmosphere and unbelievable Japanese BBQ flavor.

It’s one of those rare restaurants where the experience is expensive, you’ll have second thoughts, while it looks absolutely incredible, you simply won’t know until you try.

And putting your hard earned money on the line like that can be scary.

Let me tell you right now.

You have nothing to worry about here.

If you love grilled meat, and the thought of the best beef Japan has to offer being grilled sounds amazing to you.

You’re set.

This place will not disappoint.

This is one of those really top-end yakiniku places where the staff cooks every piece of the course to their standards. It really is a sight, and taste to behold.

Is Yoroniku English friendly?

Not particularly. The menu is in Japanese and there are no pictures. So you’ll either need a Japanese friend, tour guide, or pray Google translate will work.

The staff is amazing though so you should be fine — some speak English and those that cannot will try their hardest to help you have a fantastic dining experience.

The sign outside the Ebisu location has romaji so it’s easy to spot when looking for it — the Aoyama location does not.

Is it good for groups?

Sure is. Spacious seating means you can stretch out a little while dining. They have private areas if you can get reservations too.

One problem is due to foreign visitors canceling last minute too often, they won’t let you make reservations.

Click here to take advantage Voyagin’s reservation service — they’ll help you get things set up for an amazing dining experience at this top-class restaurant.

How much does Yoroniku cost?

For as high-end, and highly-rated, as Yoroniku is, it’s surprisingly affordable. You should budget for around ¥10,000 per person, but they do have more expensive courses too.

Credit cards are accepted here but plan for paid parking or train fare as well.


Map pins to: Ebisu Yoroniku, Aoyama Yoroniku

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