Sushi Tokami: Even Exceptional Sushi Can Be Accessible to All

Chad Thiele Updated April 17, 2019
Sushi Tokami,

Sushi Tokami is one of the highest-end sushi restaurants you can find in Tokyo; with unique touches in the menu.

I want to draw your attention to the article by Boutique Japan (quoted and linked below) because it is absolutely packed with incredible sushi shops for you to discover in Tokyo.

I’m talking all the best from #1 all the way down.

It introduces the highest of high-end sushi shops Tokyo has to offer. Of course, the catch is they are nearly impossible to make reservations. Even the top-end hotel concierge services can’t get you into some of these legendary shops.

One thing I love in this article is the author points out “best” is different for everyone. It’s a critical point. Don’t ever let headlines derail your personal preferences.

While the article goes through 25 sushi shops, I chose Sushi Tokami as the place to link to because it seems of all the sushi restaurants, it is the most accessible — you have a shot at actually making a reservation there in your lifetime.


Map pin to Sushi Tokami
4 min walk from Shimbashi Station #JiroDreamsOfSushi

+Expect to spend ~¥20,000 per person, accepts credit cards, but no parking (Tabelog).

+With his insider connections to some of the best tuna on the market, it’s no surprise that the maguro at Tokami is utterly outstanding. In addition to the usual cuts of tuna, they sometimes serve a tuna bone soup that’ll have you selling your soul to the devil for just one more bowl.Boutique Japan

+With Tokami’s close ties with Yamayuki, one of the top tuna specialists in Tokyo, tuna remains its calling card. You’ll enjoy three different cuts of the prized fish: the shoyu-marinated red lean meat, the creamier medium-fatty flesh (chutoro), and the rare tossaki from the base of the fish’s head, which is turned into a hand-roll and served at the end.Timeout

+What puts Sato on the radar though, aside from his impeccable sushi making skills, is that he didn’t ever want to be a sushi chef. Luckily for us, he fell in love with Japanese cuisine while he was living in America… Tokami is his first restaurant, tucked away in the basement of a business tower in Ginza.iamafoodblog