Tokyo Dome City: Fun for the Entire Family in the Heart of Tokyo

Updated October 15, 2019

Tokyo Dome City is an event space/amusement park area in the heart of downtown Tokyo with free admission. Plus shopping, relaxing spas, and hotels.

Tokyo is a lot like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. During the day it’s bustling with business. Employees skitter all over getting work done.

But after work, or on weekends, when the job is the last thing on their mind, Tokyo transforms.

The fun begins.

And you can’t go wrong here in Tokyo Dome City. It’s got something for everyone.

LaQua Spas, Shopping, and Restaurants

When you’ve been out with the kids enjoying rides and attractions all day, it’s time to relax. The Tokyo Dome City planners kept you in mind when designing this experience.

They made sure to add a spa resort to the mix so you can get some relax time in, recover, and get back out there for more fun.

Oh, and lots of shopping and food too.

The TenQ Space Museum

The TenQ Space Museum is also in the Tokyo Dome City complex and is home to a really cool exhibit where you feel like you’re looking out into space from a spaceship.

You have to see it for yourself to understand what I mean.

Indoor Sports, Bowling, Skating, and So Much More

You’ll also find indoor sports like golf, bouldering, batting cages, bowling, skating and more. There really is a huge variety of things to do in Tokyo Dome City.

Honestly, there’s more than I can really put into an article without making it too long. Here’s where you can find a good list of attractions.

Plus Mensho is Nearby

Since you’re in the area and love ramen, you should check out Mensho. Absolutely incredible ramen here.

Tokyo Dome City 2 min walk from Suidobashi Station #Bunkyo

+Here’s Tokyo Dome City’s English page.

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