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21 Interesting Japanese Cultural Experiences to Enjoy in Tokyo

Culture you don’t always see in guides for some reason. While sightseeing and dining in Tokyo are absolutely incredible, there’s a ton more to Japanese culture and the Japanese people. In this guide, I want to give you a list of interesting Japanese culture to learn about and maybe check out while in Tokyo. Bunraku […]

BLACOWS, Tokyo: Delicious Pure Wagyu Burgers

BLACOWS is an amazing burger shop specializing in authentic, high-grade Japanese wagyu burgers located in Ebisu, Shibuya, Tokyo.

Asakusa Sushi Ken: Halal Sushi in Asakusa

Sushi Ken is a halal-friendly sushi shop in Asakusa Tokyo. In fact, it was the first to offer a fully halal-friendly sushi menu in Japan.

Does it Snow in Tokyo? How much? When?

Yes. It does snow in Tokyo. But not much. Of course, that depends. Obviously it isn’t anywhere near places like upstate New York, or Michigan may see.

23 Essential Things To Know Before Visiting Tokyo

Invaluable Tips You’ve Never Heard Anywhere Else — From 24 Years in Tokyo Hi! Is this your first time in Tokyo? Or perhaps arriving soon? You’re in for a treat. Tokyo is so interesting. The wonderful Japanese food, the spectacular sights (and sounds)… and the unique culture. There’s a lot to enjoy here. It’s not […]

Where is Tokyo: Suburbs, Districts, & Neighborhoods

A Whirlwind Tour of Tokyo and the Major Areas to Enjoy Long ago when Tokugawa Ieyasu deemed Edo (now Tokyo) the capital of Japan, we wonder if he imagined it would turn into what it has today — a sprawling metropolis packed with amazing things to see, do, and eat. To amplify your time in […]

The One Thing All Tourists Should Do When Visiting Tokyo

How to Adventure in Tokyo Without a Plan The one single thing all tourists should do when they visit Tokyo is to spend some time on an unplanned adventure. You will discover more food and culture in Tokyo than you thought possible. We like the word adventure. It conjures images like hiking through the dense jungle […]

The Price of Coffee in Tokyo

Expensive Sometimes, But Not Outrageously Coffee in Tokyo can be very expensive but also quite affordable — it all depends on the place you get your coffee, the type, size,  and the experience you’re after. Coffee prices in Tokyo are not overly high. Expect to spend between ¥100 to ¥800 on coffee in Tokyo; depending […]

Best Restaurants In Tokyo: Find The Perfect Meal (2020)

Our Hand-Picked Recommendations With Help From Our Local Japanese Friends Tokyo is loaded with restaurants with some of the most incredible dining experiences you can find in Japan. While Shinjuku is probably a foodie’s mecca, every district has outstanding cuisine. And you don’t need to huddle around Tokyo Station either. We honestly don’t like the […]

The Incredible Price of Fugu & The Best Fugu Restaurants in Tokyo

Expect to spend between ¥6,000 – ¥30,000 on a fugu dining experience in Tokyo, depending on the restaurant you choose, and the course menu.

Krung Siam: An Amazing Thai Dining Experience in Kichijoji

This place… oh… I remember the first time I dined here. One word. Amazing. Okay, another word.  Authentic. If you’ve dined in Japan for long, you’ll know why that word is essential. I can’t count how many times I’ve eaten at an Italian/Thai/Chinese/Korean restaurant and, while delicious, it wasn’t what I would call authentic. That’s […]

The Best Sushi in Tachikawa; Incredible Quality in the Suburbs

Tachikawa may be little known outside of Tokyo, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have some of the most incredible sushi you’ll find in this part of Japan.

HopeKen: Steaming Hot Tonkotsu Ramen Hidden In Musashimurayama

Wow… on a cold winter night in Tokyo this place hits the spot perfectly.  Too bad it’s hiding in plain sight. While not exactly tucked behind buildings, it is on a main road, it is so unassuming it is easy to miss. Plus it is in Musashimurayama, all the way in the Western suburbs of […]

Mensho Tokyo: A Novel Ramen Shop Sourcing Fresh Ingredients

Mensho is a fantastically unique ramen shop in Bunkyo with a top-notch chef that sources the freshest ingredients from local farmers.

Gonpachi Nori-Temaki: Kill Bill Restaurant Does Hand-Rolled Sushi

Gonpachi Nori-Temaki is a hand-wrapped sushi (temaki) spin-off from the famous Kill Bill restaurant chain, Gonpachi, in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Go to Barbacoa when you want Brazilian food in Tokyo

Barbacoa is a fantastic Brazilian churrasco buffet-style restaurant specializing in classic grilled meats in an all-you-can-eat dining experience — with five locations in Tokyo.

Here are the Best Yakitori Shops in Shinjuku; Picked by Our Local Friends

“What should I eat when in Tokyo? Where’s the best yakitori?” We hear these questions all the time. Yakitori. Eat yakitori when in Tokyo. If you love grilled foods, in this case chicken, you will love yakitori. In this guide we enlisted the help of my local friends to pick some of the best yakitori […]

Posada del Sol: Finally, Authentic Mexican Food in Tokyo

Posada del Sol is a teeny, tiny authentic Mexican restaurant — with actual Mexican chefs — located a couple of minutes from Kumegawa station.

Best Yakiniku in Shinjuku: 12 Popular Picks by Locals

What are the best yakiniku shops in Shinjuku, Tokyo? The ones the locals love. Yakiniku is very popular; LOTS of quality yakiniku restaurants to discover!