BLACOWS, Tokyo: Delicious Pure Wagyu Burgers

High-grade wagyu beef in a burger? Yep.

BLACOWS is an amazing burger shop specializing in authentic, high-grade Japanese wagyu burgers located in Ebisu, Shibuya, Tokyo.

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The burgers you’ll find here are not only made from some of the highest quality beef you’ll find, but they’re also carefully made.

Almost a form of craftsmanship itself — and you can watch them make your burger in the open kitchen.

You can pick and choose toppings such as bacon, cheese, pineapple, and jalapeno to form the perfect burger for your tastes.

Is BLACOWS English friendly?

Sort of. The menu has some pictures, but it’s mostly Japanese. There are some English parts to it that help navigate and choose what you want though.

The sign outside is in roman characters “BLACOWS” so it is easy to spot.

The staff didn’t speak English when I was there, but they are super nice and will work with you to make sure you order what you want.

It may take a bit of extra work with the language barrier, but it isn’t so bad.

Is it good for groups?

Yes, it kind of is. There’s ample space and the tables have plenty of chairs around them. In some parts of the dining room, you could have tables pulled together for larger groups too.

It doesn’t require reservations either.

How much does BLACOWS cost?

Given they serve wagyu beef-based burgers you probably expect the place to be very expensive.

Well, for a burger joint it kind of is. But it isn’t terrible. Expect to spend between ¥1,500-¥2,500 per person.

There is no parking here so plan for train fare, or if you do drive, a paid parking lot.

They do accept credit cards.


Map pin to BLACOWS
10-min walk from Ebisu Station
Phone: 03-3477-2914