The Best Sushi in Tachikawa; Incredible Quality in the Suburbs

Yes, there’s fantastic sushi even in the suburbs of Tokyo.

When you want some of the best sushi Tokyo has to offer, and you can’t get reservations to those ultra-high-end sushi shops downtown — there are some fantastic opportunities in Tachikawa — in the western suburbs of Tokyo (learn more about the parts of Tokyo here).

Tachikawa could almost be described as a mini-Shinjuku. The area around the station has a ton to see — and especially eat. This list of sushi joints is just scratching the surface.

These are the sit-down at the counter with the chef type sushi restaurants — okay, some have tables, but the point is they aren’t conveyor belt sushi (not to knock conveyor belt sushi).

These are the type of sushi restaurants you hit up on special occasions.

So let’s get the ball rolling after a quick commercial to pay the bills.

Sushi Katsu

Sushi Katsu, Tachikawa, Tokyo, Japan

If you’re reading this, chances are by now you’ve had conveyor belt sushi in Japan. While that’s pretty awesome too, when you’re ready to move to the next level in sushi, this place has you covered.

Sushi Katsu is one of those rare finds.

It’s a 3rd generation, family-run sushi shop. The place is old, but don’t let the appearance deter you.

This is sushi at a level you won’t find in the typical conveyor belt places.

Sushi Katsu is a “sit down in front of the chef” type of shops — it’s not only incredible sushi but an interesting cultural experience too.

Map pin to Sushi Katsu.

Nishiki Sushi

Nishiki Sushi, Tachikawa, Tokyo, Japan

This is another one of those really sweet — sit in front of the chef and enjoy — type of places. You can see the fresh ingredients from the counter.

Watching a master sushi chef work is something to behold.

A person who has been studying and improving their craft over time. That’s what you find here at Nishiki Sushi.

It might seem a bit pricey but the experience of meticulously crafted sushi is a memory that will last forever.

We went to Nishiki Sushi tonight and it was wonderful! We drove and there was a parking area nearby (¥400 for 1.5 hours). Looked like an easy 10-min walk from the train station. They spoke a little English, we speak a little Japanese, and google translate helped us get by.

We had two sashimi platters, two orders of uni, and sake for ¥13,000. Not cheap, but worth it!” –Regina (via Facebook, 25 October 2019)

Map pin to Nishiki Sushi.

Sushi Kitamura

Sushi Kitamura, Tachikawa, Tokyo,  Japan

When I say “hidden in Tachikawa” this is what I mean.

This gem is about an 8-minute walk from the south exit of Tachikawa station. Sushi Kitamura is an up-scale sushi shop waiting to delight you.

Everything from the entrance, the decor, to the exquisite craftsmanship of the chef himself exudes quality.

It’s a bit pricey, starting around ¥15,000 per person, but when Jiro’s in downtown Tokyo is impossible to get into, this shop won’t disappoint you.

Map pin to Sushi Kitamura.

Sushi Dokoro Miyazaki

Sushi Dokoro Miyazaki, Tachikawa, Tokyo, Japan

Another excellent quality sushi shop with extra interesting decor.

The contemporary brick facade outside should give clues as to what to expect inside. The earthy feel starts outside and continues into the interior decor too.

Even the stone, earthenware plates look almost as if pulled from magma.

You’ll come for the quality sushi, you’ll enjoy it so much more with the cool atmosphere you’re surrounded with.

Map pin to Sushi Dokoro Miyazaki

Sushi Miyashita

Sushi Miyashita, Tachikawa, Tokyo, Japan

This little sushi bar is something special. You’ll find it crowded on a weekday evening after the salarymen get off work.

It’s like a gathering point where exhausted workers grab a quick drink to take the edge off while enjoying some of the best quality sushi around.

Map pin to Sushi Miyashita.


Irifunechaya, Tachikawa, Tokyo, Japan

Irifunechaya is more than a sushi shop. It makes the list because it does serve some of the best sushi around.

However, it’s more of a traditional Japanese food restaurant.

You not only get to try incredible sushi but a plethora of other traditional Japanese foods.

This sort of shop is especially popular on certain holidays in Japan where these traditional foods are eaten for specific reasons. For instance, the Tai fish — eaten on a baby boy’s first birthday.

Map pin to Irifunechaya.

That wraps up this list of awesome sushi to be found in Tachikawa, Tokyo. While it may not be downtown, that doesn’t mean it can’t pack a punch.

Checkout Tachikawa during your stay in Tokyo. I think you’ll enjoy it.