Gonpachi Nori-Temaki: Kill Bill Restaurant Does Hand-Rolled Sushi

Gonpachi Nori-Temaki is a hand-wrapped sushi (temaki) spin-off from the famous Kill Bill restaurant chain, Gonpachi, in Shibuya, Tokyo.

#Location #Meiji-jingumae Station (4-min walk) #Parking

With keto all the rage right now in the diet arena, it’s fun to see Japan starting to get involved. Sushi is one of those dishes that — at face value — cannot become keto friendly.

But that doesn’t have to stop challenging sushi chefs from trying now does it? Here they offer cauliflower sushi rice to lower that carb count!

The atmosphere is a beautifully “crafted wood” appearance, accented with brushed stainless steel work-spaces for the chef.

Warm lighting really sets the mood — definitely different than the typical overly brightly lit places. And everyone sits right at the counter (on stools, not bench) where you want watch them create your order.

Oh, and it’s no-smoking too. Sorry smokers… but I think by now you’re probably used to not having a smoking option. Japan has really cracked down on public smoking.

From yakitori to temaki sushi

This new shop is a big departure for Gonpachi, which normally specialized in yakitori! Now they’re branching out into hand-rolled sushi — called temaki. You can learn more about temaki in my article “What Is Sushi? Far More Than The Raw Fish You Think It Is.”

Is Gonpachi Nori-Temaki English friendly?

Yes! While the staff won’t necessarily speak a lot of English, they have a paper with all the menu items in English — and you simply mark what you want and hand it to them.

The sign outside the door is also in romaji so you can spot it easily (though it is down a few steps).

Is Gonpachi Nori-Temaki group friendly?

Kind of. If your group can all sit on stools at the counter, then yes. They are spacious enough even for the larger framed people among us — like myself.

The place doesn’t require reservations and it gets pretty busy — plus there are only 30 seats. I wouldn’t expect to have huge parties here.

But a family would be quite comfortable here, unless you have very young kids who can’t sit on the stools.

How much does Gonpachi Nori-Temaki cost?

Expect to spend about ¥1,500 per person at dinner time. You can save a little by going during the day, you’ll spend about ¥1,000 per person for lunch.

Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are accepted here. They don’t have a parking lot, you’ll have to park nearby in paid parking — don’t forget to add that to your budget.