HopeKen: Steaming Hot Tonkotsu Ramen Hidden In Musashimurayama

Wow… on a cold winter night in Tokyo this place hits the spot perfectly. 

Too bad it’s hiding in plain sight. While not exactly tucked behind buildings, it is on a main road, it is so unassuming it is easy to miss.

Plus it is in Musashimurayama, all the way in the Western suburbs of Tokyo — where the bustle of Tokyo meshes with more down-home country living. 

It’s relaxed, warm, a bit plain, but has that amazing tonkotsu (pork bone) aroma.

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The ramen here is top-notch. Thick, hearty noodles with a powerfully flavorful tonkotsu broth. They also have a special red pepper chili blend at the table you can mix in if you’d like to spice yours up.

Is HopeKen American/English Friendy?

No, I would not say HopeKen is English friendly. The ticket machine menu is Japanese only and has no pictures. This is likely one of the hardest places to order you’ll find in Japan if you can’t read the menu.

The sign outside is in Japanese only too.

They only have counter seating. One thing that may cause an issue is the spacing between stools. They are set in place and cannot move and the average American is wider than the Japanese. You may feel a bit confined.

Is HopeKen Kid Friendly?

HopeKen isn’t a place to bring babies and toddlers. Kids are welcome, but only if they can sit at counter seats and eat ramen.

They do not have high chairs or booster seats. They don’t have tables, only counter seating… and there isn’t room to bring a stroller into the shop.

They don’t have a separate kids menu either. However, the atmosphere is relaxed enough that if your child makes a bit of noise you shouldn’t bother the other patrons too much.

Is HopeKen Group Friendly?

HopeKen is not designed as a group-friendly place. They don’t even have any tables, only counter seats (bar-style seating). A group of 3-4 could sit along the same section of counter, but don’t plan for a group-friendly experience here.

They don’t require reservations and there are no checks to split since you order from a ticket machine.

Cost & Payment

HopeKen is not one of the cheapest ramen restaurants you’ll find. Expect to spend between ¥800-¥1,100 per person.

While they’re a bit more expensive, they also pack a lot in the bowl. Their bowls of ramen are bigger than most ramen shops.

You buy your order from a ticket machine, cash only; bring yen.


HopeKen is not accessible by train. Musashimurayama doesn’t have a train station. You’ll need to drive here.

Map pin to HopeKen ramen in Musashimurayama, Tokyo, Japan.