Krung Siam: An Amazing Thai Dining Experience in Kichijoji

This place… oh… I remember the first time I dined here. One word.


Okay, another word. 


If you’ve dined in Japan for long, you’ll know why that word is essential. I can’t count how many times I’ve eaten at an Italian/Thai/Chinese/Korean restaurant and, while delicious, it wasn’t what I would call authentic.

That’s not this place. Krung Siam in Kichijoji is this tiny little hole-in-the-wall Thai restaurant you could walk right past and never realize you were passing something special.

I mean, look at that header image above. It’s down a steep set of stairs. From the street, you can’t see the doorway. It’s hot pink and has two creepy dolls in the front (which I’m sure are important in Thai history).

All I’m trying to say is it isn’t exactly the most inviting place. Which is unfortunate because the food is fantastic. 

The green curry… crispy spicy chicken… the spring rolls… all excellent. And the menu has English making it very easy to order. 

The atmosphere is straight out of Thailand. The color, the lighting, the decor. All adds to the experience.

Is Krung Siam American/English Friendly?

Yes, I would say Krung Siam in Kichijoji is fairly English friendly. 

The menus have English and most items on the menu have large, sharp, clear pictures. You will find some items either have no photo, or the item being discussed isn’t the photo next to it, but for the most part, it’s great.

The size of the restaurant is small and the chairs may not accommodate large individuals very well. However, most of the tables have bench seating on one side that is great.

The staff do not speak English well In fact, I’m not entirely certain they speak Japanese well either. But since the menus are easy to use, ordering is not difficult.

Is Krung Siam Group Friendly?

That depends on the size of the group. I notice every time I go here there are tables reserved. Each table seats up to four, and it looks like some tables could be pulled together for larger parties.

I have never dined here with parties who want to split the check, so I’m not sure if they can. It doesn’t feel like one of those places that won’t, but I imagine it may be a bit tricky given the language barrier.

I recommend making reservations before trying to bring a group here as it is quite busy most of the time. 

Is Krung Siam Kid-Friendly?

If your child enjoys Thai food then yes, Krung Siam is kid-friendly enough. 

I would not say they go above and beyond as big family restaurant chains do. They don’t have child seats, silverware, etc. It’s not exactly a place designed to bring infants and toddlers.

The tight spacing may also cause concern if you have a loud child. Generally, it is fine, but if you feel like a burden to other guests, the proximity to others may make you more uncomfortable when your child is loud.

Cost & Payment

Cost here is somewhat up to you. You could order a lot and spend a lot, or order cheaper priced items to save. There are all-you-can-drink type courses that bring the cost up to where you could expect to spend around ´Żą3,000 per person.

Krung Siam does accept credit cards: VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, and Diners Card. But I do not know if they accept Apple/Google Pay.

Location and Photos

Check out the map below for location and directions – their Google page has menu, reservations, and delivery order capability.

Map pin to Krum Siam in Kichijoji