Mensho Tokyo: A Novel Ramen Shop Sourcing Fresh Ingredients

Mensho Tokyo is a fantastically unique ramen shop in Bunkyo with a top-notch chef that sources the freshest ingredients from local farmers.

Doesn’t it just make you start to drool!? Now that’s an introduction to a ramen shop.

With the extremely popular ramen chains like Ichiran or Ippudo taking a ton of the limelight, it’s easy for outsiders to miss actually unique ramen.

Don’t get me wrong, these big chains are popular for a reason. They’re good. They’re fast. They’re affordable too. And sometimes, especially in the case of Ichiran, they have some gimmick, ahem… I mean, a unique selling point.

Note: Ichiran’s selling point is the solo-dining counter where you’ve got some privacy and the ramen is served through an opening in front of you.

The thing that is easy to miss about a ramen shop like Mensho is this: it sources ingredients from local suppliers and cares deeply about the quality of literally everything put into every bowl of ramen.

You’ll find this is quite common in Japan — where the owner actually cares and pushes their craft. It’s something to admire.

Mensho is constantly pushing the envelope to discover new ways to improve the flavor and add unique qualities to the menu.

If you’re looking for ramen that isn’t the typical ramen found all over Japan, look no further than Mensho in Bunkyo — you won’t regret the trip.

I mean, even the bowls are specially made for this shop. It’s unlike anything you can find anywhere else in Japan; incredible to the very last, teeny-tiny, detail.

How much does Mensho Tokyo cost?

Expect to spend between ¥750 to ¥1,200 per person and bring cash; they don’t accept credit cards.

No parking here either. You will need to take the train or park at paid parking lots nearby — so budget for that as well.


Map pin to Mensho
A 5-min walk from Gokokuji Station