Eating and Drinking in Tokyo

Dining in Tokyo

Updated December 2, 2019 (4 days ago)

Tokyo is the food capital of the world. There’s no way to do it justice with a single page. Heck, there’s no way 1,000 pages would be enough.

So I broke it down into areas… and then those areas are collections of articles to help you discover more dining experiences than you could ever try in Tokyo.

Honestly, I recommend Shinjuku right now. It’s the area I’ve shared the most about so far and you’ll find so much to eat there.

There’s a ton more to come as I move across each area and add places to dine. Tokyo is so packed with restaurants, izakaya, coffee shops, and more… it may take a lifetime to write about it all and share it with you.

Enjoy the food in Tokyo! It’s amazing.