Hand-Picked Eats in Ebisu


Afuri is a night owl favorite. It stays open quite late and they have a real nice yuzu-shio ramen. 

Yuzu is a lemon-like citrus fruit and shio is a salt-based ramen broth (shio = salt in Japanese). 

It may not sound all that great individually, but this is a very popular ramen joint in Tokyo.

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BLACOWS burgers, Meguro, Tokyo, Japan

How does a wagyu burger sound? Yea, I thought so. 

Wagyu conjures images of the most premium beef on the planet. The delicate care that goes into grooming the best beef. 

And this place won’t ruin your dreams. Delicious wagyu burgers with a large variety of toppings like cheese, mozzarella, egg, avocado, and more. 

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And if you want to know everything there is to know about wagyu in Japan, check out my guide “Japanese Wagyu Beef: Why Is It The Best In The World?

Tonkatsu Tonki

Tonkatsu Tonki is absolutely legendary. There’s really nothing more to say. 

Go here. You will thank me. 

It’s a tonkatsu restaurant that really takes quality to heart — and that’s why it’s famous across Tokyo. 

Tonkatsu is a fried pork cutlet, usually served with a side of shredded cabbage, and an amazing sesame dipping sauce. 

I’m getting hungry while writing this. Maybe I’ll see you there. 

Map pin to Tonkatsu Tonki

ZAUO Meguro

Zauo is a fishing restaurant.

Yes. That’s right.

A fishing restaurant.

You might be wondering what a fishing restaurant is. Well, let me tell you.

It’s a restaurant where you fish and catch your meal. The restaurant is shaped like a boat and you cast your line over. Catch what you want and the staff prepares the fresh fish for you.

Rather a cool concept actually.

Map pin to ZAUO Meguro

Hakata Mangetsu

Hakata Mangetsu, Ebisu, Tokyo, Japan

If you’re on a budget but still on the hunt for some good yakitori, here’s your place.

This basement izakaya is lively, fun, and laid-back at the same time. Rather than the standard chairs, you’ll find sofas. 

The staff is friendly and the service is excellent. But the real catch here is the price.

Yakitori starting at ¥46 a skewer is unheard of! And beer for around ¥199 a glass!? That’s an excellent price.

Map pin to Hakata Mangetsu

Joël Robuchon Restaurant

Joël Robuchon has restaurants all over the world. There’s no reason to come all the way to Japan for this.

But I include it because my guides aren’t only for tourists. Maybe you live in Japan, or are here with the U.S. military and want to find a great place to take your significant other for a date night.

This will definitely do if you’re ready to splurge a bit and don’t mind the weirdly high-end, decorated style French food.

Joël Robuchon is a world-renowned chef with 31 Michelin stars under his belt. You really can’t do much better if you’re looking for top-of-the-line French cuisine.

Map pin to Joël Robuchon Restaurant

Ribera Steakhouse

Ribera Steakhouse, Meguro, Tokyo,  Japan

If you’re a pro-wrestler fan you’ll really like this place. It’s a wrestler mecca.

Wait… what am I saying? Even if you don’t like pro-wrestling you should check this place out.

It’s a Japanese steakhouse. It’s a mix of Japanese culture and the pro-wrestling scene. Famous people from all over have eaten here, like the “Macho Man” Randy Savage. 

Oh, the steak is delicious and the price is fantastic too — as if you needed more reasons. 

Well, they do have English menus if that helps. 

Map pin to Ribera Steak House