Unique Drinking Experiences in Ebisu

Updated November 4, 2019 | by Chad A. Thiele, 23 year veteran of Tokyo.


When you want to get a real feel for the local nightlife scene, check out Buri.

If you’ve never been to a standing bar in Japan, this one will be fun. It’s very popular and you’ll easily find a happy, upbeat party to join and enjoy.

They actually have quite a wide variety of sake to choose from — and they’ll even serve them semi-frozen like a slushie!

Map pin to Buri

Enjoy House

Enjoy House, Ebisu, Tokyo, Japan

This is totally one of those places you’d never, ever, ever think to go into unless you were a local. It’s just too “normal” looking on the outside.

But the inside… it’s actually hard to describe. On the one hand, it’s homey. It has a nice, at-home vibe that makes you feel very comfortable.

On the other, it goes off the weird cliff a little. The lights and streamers hanging from the ceiling give it an almost retro, albeit strange, disco-era feel to a degree.

If you look at the photos on Google Maps you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Map pin to Enjoy House