Hand-Picked Eats in Roppongi

Updated November 17, 2019, by C. Thiele, 23 year veteran of Tokyo.

While the Roppongi area is famous across the world for the nightlife aspect of it, locals know it for the food too. The food you’ll find in Roppongi is some of the best around.

You’re about to see why.

RRR Kobe Steak Dining

RRR Kobe Steak Dining, Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan

RRR Kobe Beef Steak in Roppongi, Tokyo serves only the best beef and premium wines for a fraction of the price of other restaurants.

The restaurant has tasteful decor that creates a sophisticated atmosphere. Private rooms feature round tables that allow for enjoying conversations with close friends and loved ones.

To taste the cuisine, a reservation is mandatory. There are only 16 seats: 12 table seats and 1 private room with 4 seats. If you want to enjoy your meal and conversation, you should make a reservation early.

Click here to make reservations online

Wakanui Grill Dining

Wakanui Grill Dining, Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan

Now, this is a great dining experience. From meticulously crafted burgers to dry age beef all delicately arranged, you’re in for a real treat here.

The atmosphere is slightly upscale, modern, but comfortable and not overly hoity-toity. 

The menu is quite varied as well with items like steak salads, burgers,  and seafood options like mussels and salmon.

Map pin to Wakanui Grill Dining


Tango is one of those places that has a darkly lit interior to bring an interesting feeling to the ambiance of the restaurant — giving it a little bit of an upscale feel to match the quality cuisine.

This is the type of place that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to bring a first date.  Chances are both of you would be impressed with the experience.

This restaurant has a wide variety of options on the menu as well — burgers, steaks, salads, a big variety of sides, and a plethora of seafood options as well.

Definitely can’t go wrong if you’re looking for a quality dining experience, this place will not disappoint.

Map pin to Tango

Toufuya Ukai

Don’t let the name fool you. Toufuya essentially translates to tofu restaurant. But this is a Japanese kaiseki restaurant — filled with an amazing variety of beautifully crafted and incredibly delicious food.

The reason for the name tofu comes with the fact this restaurant uses a specially crafted tofu with a rich flavor you won’t find in most tofu — it’s not bland.

And you won’t even think about tofu all that much once you see the menu. There is seriously a massive selection of choices — even for meat-eaters who cannot enjoy seafood.

The restaurant also has some of the most beautiful traditional Japanese gardens, giving you a fantastic view while eating — and it’s just a few steps from Tokyo Tower. 

Map pin to Toufuya Ukai

Ushigoro S

Ushigoro is one of those wagyu restaurants you hit up if you’re looking for the absolute best beef the world has to offer. 

If you have never experienced wagyu beef sushi before you can find it here.  It’s kind of crazy to look, and a little weird to think about — a mostly raw thin slice of beef laid over rice isn’t something most Americans would normally feel like eating.

 But I’m telling you this is legit it is so good.  Don’t miss this experience.

Since Ushigoro is one of the best wagyu yakiniku restaurants around, you may want to make reservations to make sure you can get a table.

Map pin to Ushigoro S

Atelier Morimoto Xex

Atelier Morimoto Xex, Tokyo, Japan

This restaurant, part of the Xex group of restaurants, feels like how it must have felt to dine like royalty back in the day. It exudes quality. 

No, it does more than exudes quality. 

It is a spared no expense, Michelin starred teppanyaki restaurant owned by the world-renown Iron Chef Morimoto. 

While you won’t sit up close and personal with Morimoto himself, the chefs here are masters at crafting your meal too.  

The interior is absolutely incredible. You know you’re in for a special treat from the moment you walk in.

Morimoto XEX is my favorite restaurant in Roppongi. I normally skip the teppanyaki, and head to the sushi counter though, then head to the cigar lounge.” –John S. via Facebook (17 Nov. 2019)

Map pin to Atelier Morimoto Xex


This is another absolutely legendary tonkatsu restaurant in Tokyo. If you’ve read my Ebisu guide, you know where the other one is. 

Butagumi serves the highest-end Japanese style pork cutlet you can imagine. Words cannot describe… it’s something you have to experience for yourself.

And if you do come here, prepare yourself for the juiciest, most delicious, mouth-watering tonkatsu you will probably ever taste for the rest of your life.

Map pin to Butagumi

Aria Cucina Italiana

Aria Cucina Italiana, Tokyo, Japan

You know Tokyo is known across the globe as a foodie resort. 

Aria Cucina Italiana is one of those rare restaurants in Japan where you’ll think to yourself “huh… hard to believe the Japanese craft better Italian food than Italians.

It’s stylish Italian cuisine within a quaint “little Italy” cafe style atmosphere. 

Freshly made pasta al dente, attention to detail, the perfect amount of flavor without being overpowering… the list could go on, but I’m not sure I could it justice with words alone.

The aroma, the sights, the mood from just hearing others’ reactions to their meals… it all comes together to form the experience. One I think you need to enjoy for yourself. 

Go during lunch if you want to try something and get a great deal at the same time. Or hit it up for dinner with a significant other and enjoy the fantastic selection of wine too.

Map pin to Aria Cucina Italiana

Sukiyabashi Jiro Sushi Roppongi

Oh, I almost forgot to add this… partly because I think you may have already come across this in any research you’ve done on the area.

But decided to add it just in case.

The world-renown Jiro’s Sushi has a lesser-known branch in Roppongi — operated by Jiro’s son, who also happens to be a master sushi chef — and has two Michelin stars to boot.

Of course right?

The benefit is you can actually get reservations for this place without quite as long of a wait to enjoy master craft sushi in Tokyo, but use this link to for help getting reservationsthey’re still hard to come by.

Map pin to Sukiyabashi Jiro Sushi