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Unique Drinking Experiences in Roppongi

Updated November 8, 2019 | by Chad A. Thiele, 23 year veteran of Tokyo.

Roppongi specializes in unique drinking experiences. If you explore the area in the evening you’ll soon discover there are more than you could try in a month!

Here are a few select places for a unique drinking experience in Roppongi.


Uoteru, Tokyo, Japan

This is an izakaya you could easily mistake for an incredible traditional Japanese restaurant. 

Not from the atmosphere. That’s very much classic izakaya. Boisterous, half-drunken workers blowing off steam after a long day of work. 

But the food. The food is so classically traditional Japanese you’d find yourself hard-pressed not to love it — if that is your sort of thing.

Sushi, sashimi, ikura donburi, and all sorts of seafood options that would be impossible to name. 

Pair with some delicious sake or shochu and you’re in for an amazing treat. 

Map pin to Uoteru

Yakitori Hachibei

Hachibei Yakitori Roppongi

Hachibei is a contemporary basement izakaya specializing in the most amazing classic yakitori skewers locals love most about izakaya food.

It’s also one of those that’s slightly down some steps and out of sight so you could very easily miss it. 

And you don’t want to miss this.

Learn more about Yakitori Hachibei

Salsa Sudada

Do you enjoy Salsa? Then this is your place. A cool little colorful salsa club in Roppongi that will even give you salsa dance lessons if you need them (before operating hours). 

On weekends you’ll find many from Tokyo’s Latin population here. If you speak Spanish and are looking for someone to converse with, perhaps this is the place for you.

Oh, and of course the dancing, the music, and the variety of drinks on the menu.

Editor’s note: Salsa Sudada relocated recently, the map pin below is for the new location.

Map pin to Salsa Sudada