Ishigami Osteria: A tiny Italian Restaurant Way Over in Ome

Ishigami Osteria is a teeny, tiny Italian restaurant specializing in calzones, spaghetti, lasagna, and other fine Italian dishes — located in Ome, Tokyo. It’s a delicious Japanese-Italian food shop hidden in Tokyo’s suburbs.

When I say tiny, I mean it.

With only a few tables and a few counter seats, there isn’t much seating inside. And the restaurant as a whole from the outside looks much like someone’s home with an Italian flag waving outside.

In other words, it’s easy to miss.

Not only from the exterior appearance, but also because it is all the way over in the westernmost edges of the suburbs of Tokyo — in a small town called Ome.

But if you have the chance I highly recommend this Italian restaurant. And I know it may sound weird to recommend an Italian restaurant in Japan, but I do.

Pretty much every dish I’ve ever tried here has been incredible (try the calzone — OMG). It’s easy to tell the chef is dedicated to his craft. No dish is rushed, it’s done when it’s done, but the service is fast enough and super friendly.

Is Ishigami Osteria English friendly?

Not particularly, no.

The staff does not speak English, well… other than a few broken words. But they do try. They’re not shy to make mistakes and will certainly work to help you order what you want.

The menu isn’t in English either, and the shop is so obscure there isn’t much information online.

But don’t let that stop you from coming here if you’re in the area.

Is it good for groups?

Yes, actually. While the shop is small, it is spacious and the tables have bench seating on one side.

While reservations are recommended they’re not required. But honestly, if you’re coming here with a large-ish group of say, 6+, you should call ahead.

If for no other reason than to make sure they’re prepared for your visit. Otherwise, you may overwhelm their service if other patrons are there too.

How much does Ishigami Osteria cost?

This totally depends. If you’re like me you’ll want to try all sorts of things. Which means you’ll end up spending around ¥3,000 per person.

The serving sizes are actually quite large, so be careful. The prices aren’t super cheap, but the value is good for what you get.

This shop does have a parking lot, space for 3-4 cars I believe.


Map pin to Ishigami Osteria
Phone: 0428-74-9303