Updated November 9, 2019 | by Chad A. Thiele, 23 year veteran of Tokyo.

Ebisu is a trendy area of Shibuya in downtown Tokyo; known for the Yebisu Beer Museum and fantastic local restaurants.

Here’s something fun that may surprise you. Ebisu is literally named for the beer Yebisu. Yea, really… a beer. 

Ebisu is packed with museums and excellent restaurant options and really beautiful roads to walk and enjoy — especially in the late evening. 

Meguro is just a train stop away, or if you walk you can bump into parts of Meguro too. So it’s close enough that some places I share may overlap.

This is one of those areas you can come back to you time and again and enjoy every time — since there is bound to be a little shop around some corner you saw but didn’t have time to check out.

How to pronounce Ebisu?

This is actually easier than you may think.

Say “A bee sue” and you’re 99% there. Click here to hear the word pronounced by a native speaker.

Where is Ebisu in Tokyo?

Ebisu is technically a part of Shibuya, which is one of the main 23 “downtown” wards of Tokyo.

It’s sort of west-central in Tokyo. Here’s a map pin to the Ebisu area