Shibuya Glowy Rainy Road Artwork


Updated November 9, 2019 | by Chad A. Thiele, 23 year veteran of Tokyo.

I’ve heard Shibuya described as an attraction in and of itself. Meaning, you go to Shibuya to see Shibuya rather than a specific place. I totally agree.

It’s where the famous Shibuya Crossing is everyone wants to photograph.

During the day you’ll find stylish teens wearing the latest, sometimes strange, trend-setting fashion shuffling through stored like Forever 21 and Shibuya 109.

Then at night, Shibuya lights up with neon signs from the massive variety of izakaya, crazy nightclubs like Womb, and late-evening restaurants for the night owls.

Shibuya is made up of a few popular areas (aka neighborhoods) such as Center Gai, Dogenzaka, Ebisu, Harajuku, Hiroo, and Yoyogi.

You want a peek at Shibuya? Well, this is more than a peek I suppose, 40-something minutes of 4K footage walking around Shibuya.

If you’d like to deep-dive on Shibuya and learn about its history, transportation, geography and more, check out the Wikipedia entry.

First up, places to eat… because dining is where culture is truly discovered right?

Is Shibuya close to Shinjuku?

Yes, it is. Shinjuku touches Shibuya on the northern/northeastern edge. They’re connected.

Much like how Nevada and California share a border, so do Shinjuku and Shibuya.

Is Shibuya in Tokyo?

Yes. It’s one of the special wards that make up “downtown Tokyo.”

Sorry, had to answer it. Someone asked. 🙂

Is Shibuya safe at night?

Yes, but show caution. Pretty much everywhere in Japan is safe but that doesn’t mean there is no crime.

Violent, confrontational crime is exceptionally rare. But groping, inappropriate photography, and other things like bike theft do occur.

If you live in Shibuya make sure your home doors and windows are locked to deter theft. But it’s not like theft is rampant.

Where is Shibuya in Japan?

Here are two maps to help you understand this. First, where Tokyo is in Japan.

Tokyo in Japan

And then we’ll zoom in and look at the section of the special wards of Tokyo, which is where Shibuya is located (it’s the red mark).

Shibuya special ward on map.