Things To Do In Harajuku

Updated November 17, 2019, by C. Thiele, 23 year veteran of Tokyo.

These are some top sights in Harajuku I think you’d have some major FOMO if you didn’t see them while traveling in Tokyo, Japan.

Take a Break From the Shoulder to Shoulder Crowds at the Togo Shrine

Sometimes you just need a little peace and quiet and to take a break from the shoulder to shoulder crowds. 

Amazingly, you can actually find a place like that in the middle of the city, at Togo Shrine. 

Koi filled ponds, and bamboo walkways are nestled in the middle of precisely tailored Japanese pine trees that provide not only a sense of calm but a place to rest and reflect on your day.

Map pin to Togo Shrine

Take in the Quirky Side of Tokyo at Yoyogi Park

Inside Yoyogi park, you will find tranquility and relaxation. There is a serene setting of ponds, trees, walkways, and a beautiful rose garden. 

On the other side of the park is the entrance to the historical landmarks. Once you pass through the magnificent, wooden Tori gate, you can see Kakuuntei, Kiyomasa’s well, and Meiji Jingu, which is a shrine with a beautiful garden. 

It does cost 500 yen to get in and closes at 4 pm, unlike the rest of the park.

Map pin to Yoyogi Park

Brave the Takeshita Street Crowds

Takeshita Street, Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan

Imagine the liveliness of Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras but with the theme of Sailor Moon, mixed with the uniqueness of a gay pride parade. 

Sure, you are elbow to elbow and you kind of do more of a shuffle than a walk, but as long as you keep your head up and enjoy the scenery, you won’t even be bothered by it. 

The crowd is like moving water, if you stop or suddenly make a sharp right turn, it will simply go around, so don’t let that stop you from crossing the crowd to get to the venue you want to visit.

Map pin to Takeshita Street

Go Upscale Luxury Shopping on Omotesando Avenue

Every luxury store you can imagine is here. Stores like Gucci, Prada, Coach, Fendi, Dior, and so much more. 

It’s like Rodeo Drive in Hollywood, and it’s typical to see Ferrari, Lamborghini, and other high-end sports cars driving down this road.

Map pin to Omotesando Avenue

Hold and Pet Domestic and Exotic Animals at the Animal Cafe’s

Animal Cafe's

Harajuku has many animal cafes where you can go and enjoy spending a little time cuddling with a cute bunny, hedgehog, cat, owl, ferret, chinchilla, or even a meerkat and an otter!

Take Weird Sticker Selfies at Purikura Shop NOA

There are 25 photo booths inside this place, and each one offers its own variety of specialties that you can use to spice up your photo. It’s a trendy thing to do with a group of friends.

Map pin to Purikura Shop NOA

Get Your Hair Cut and Beard Trimmed at the Wolfman Barber Shop

It doesn’t matter if you need a haircut or not, you need to check this place out.

 When you walk in the door, it’s like walking into a scene from The Great Gatsby with vintage, lay-back barber chairs complete with footrests, intricate chrome details, and leather seats. 

I half expect it to be a front for a secret speakeasy. 

The male staff are dressed in herringbone-patterned pants, rolled-up long-sleeve white shirts that showcase their tattoos, suspenders, and a flat linen cap. 

They take their time and do things right staying true to a real shave using a straight blade. The owner specializes in the handlebar mustache and sports one himself. 

It’s such a cool place.

Map pin to Wolfman Barber Shop

Soak in the Overwhelming Cuteness of the Kawaii Monster Café

Yes. This is a restaurant.

You’re right, maybe it could be filed under “Harajuku eats.” But… this one is unique.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for the food. I recommend it for the experience. So I’m adding this here as something you have to see when in Harajuku.

The idea here is to imagine a monster that gobbles up all the fashion and culture of Harajuku, and you are inside the stomach of this colorful beast.

Inside is separated by different themed rooms, each one as psychedelic as the next. The best part is the staff who are in full Harajuku style costume and put on a show for you.

It really is one of those “only in Japan” type of experiences.

Click here to make reservations.

Map pin to Kawaii Monster Café

Find the Perfect Blend of Hand-Made and High-End at Laforet


If you are looking for street fashion that you will only find in Japan, or if you are looking for some kitsch & kawaii items (funky and cute), Laforet is where you will find it. 

It is a perfect blend of hand-made and high-end. Where unique pieces from Japanese designers and couture pieces from Vivienne Westwood are mingled together. 

It is the epitome of Japanese fashion culture and specifically Harajuku style. 

Map pin to Laforet

Go Shopping for Elegance at Tokyu Plaza

An elegant shopping mall with seven floors and the most amazing mirrored kaleidoscope entrance. You can shop all the high-powered brand names and enjoy a rooftop garden on the sixth floor. 

Map pin to Tokyu Plaza

Find Fashion to Rock the Harajuku Girl Style at WEGO


If you are looking to shop for items of clothing that will let you rock that Harajuku girl style, then this is where you will find it. 

WEGO is a popular store amongst younger crowds and has a mixture of Japanese pop and American vintage clothing. WEGO is a chain store, so you can find them in just about any mall. 

There are two just on Takeshita street alone, so if you don’t find what you are looking for at one, then try another one! 

Map pin to WEGO

Discover Your New Favorite Accessories at Thank You Mart

One of the prominent features of Harajuku style is the accessories, but sometimes finding the right ones can be difficult. 

Not at Thank You Mart! Here you will find some of the best quality accessories at the best prices that you won’t find anywhere else. 

At first glance, one might mistake it for a kiddy store, but that’s because those lines are blurred in Harajuku style.

Map pin to Thank you Mart

Shop for Eclectic and Modern Trends at the Awesome Store & Café

Awesome Store & Café

Find eclectic items mixed with modern-day décor trends, random things you can’t live without and some things you use every day and this is what you will find at Awesome store. 

Only this store has a café attached where you can enjoy an artistic bagel with a coffee after you shop.

Map pin to Awesome Store & Café

Be Amazed at What You Can Buy for ¥100 at the Takeshita Street Daiso

Imagine the lowest prices but with brand store quality and every kind of ‘thing’ you could possibly imagine to buy, through in some things you never knew you needed and this is the wonderful store of Daiso. 

The Japanese call it the 100 yen store, which is about equivalent to an American Dollar Store, but only in name because trust me, it’s nothing like an American Dollar Store.

Map pin to Daiso

Buy Your Very Own Traditional Kimono at Oedo Kazuko

If you’re looking to take home one heck of a souvenir, then take home a traditional Japanese Kimono. Oedo Kazuko has kimonos for kids to every size adult. 

They have plenty of accessories to with vivid or traditional print kimonos.

Map pin to Oedo Kazuko

Treat Yourself to the Weird Alice on Wednesday Shop

If you are a fan of Alice in Wonderland, then you have to check this place out.

Starting at the entrance with the smallest door, you will find 2 floors of themed snacks, jewelry, and accessories. Make sure to try the ‘eat me’ biscuits and the ‘drink me’ cider.

Map pin to Alice on Wednesday

Let Your Little One Run Through 4 Floors of Toys at Kiddy Land

This place is a kid’s dream come true! With 4 floors of nothing but toys, you will absolutely find something that will make your little one happy.

Or maybe even something that will bring out the child in you!

Map pin to Kiddy Land

Find That Perfect Denim at Polo Ralph Lauren /Denim and Supply 

If you are looking for that special look that’s all denim then you are sure to find it here. 

The store itself is decorated in a hip boho style denim with patchwork and studs everywhere you look. 

You should check this place out even if you aren’t necessarily looking to purchase a pair of jeans.

Map pin to Polo Ralph Lauren