Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Shibuya Crossing: Explore The World’s Busiest Intersection

Updated November 4, 2019 | by Chad A. Thiele, 23 year veteran of Tokyo.

The Shibuya Crossing is a huge intersection in the Shibuya ward of Tokyo — where literally thousands and thousands of people cross daily.

It’s hard to describe this. It’s the busiest intersection in the world. But why would you want to see that? Doesn’t really sound like a travel destination now does it? 🙂

So here’s an awesome 360 video in high-resolution showing the intersection in action. And it still doesn’t capture the feeling of actually being there.

Don’t forget this video is 360! Pan around.

As you can see, this is Tokyo.

The hustle, the bustle — the tall buildings. The Shibuya Crossing personifies the essence of what makes Tokyo both interesting, and tiresome.

On the one hand, it’s awe-inspiring. The sheer amount of people crossing this daily really is incredible.

On the other, it’s “just” a street intersection with lots of people. If you don’t like crowds, well, you’d hate this.

Though, as you would expect, it’s not packed with thousands of people all day, everyday. You can find less busy times — in fact, unless you go at peak time, you may be underwhelmed since the videos you’ve seen show off the “best.”

Must See/Do at the Shibuya Crossing

Take photos

Because, well, you’re here and you need proof right? Something to upload to your social media and maybe even something you could print and decorate your home with some day.

Jump in front of the crowd quickly and grab an awesome shot out in the crossing before you’re surrounded.

Checkout Hachi

There’s a famous heartwarming story of a dog named Hachi that waited at the train station day in and day out for his owner to return — who never did because the owner passed away.

They erected a statue in commemoration of the loyalty Hachi displayed waiting patiently for his master until his own passing.

It’s a popular photo spot when in Shibuya.

Shibuya 109 is a model’s dream. Floor upon floor of shops with their own variety of new fashion trends — all vying for your attention. It’s usually quite packed with young women looking for deals on the latest trends.

Even if you’re not interested in fashion it’s interesting to see how Japanese malls like this operate. Here space is limited and each shop is squeezing everything they can out of the space they do have.

Enjoy a Cup While Overlooking the Crossing

There’s a popular Starbucks here too — and it’s not only popular for the coffee and familiar atmosphere. It overlooks the crossing and makes from an interesting vantage point to see the variety of people making the trek.

From tourists to local celebrities, to unique cosplay models, and more — you’ll see what I mean if you just sit and watch the crossing for a bit.

The best part. It doesn’t cost a yen to enjoy (well, unless you shop or have coffee). But seeing the crossing is totally free.

Well… minus all the money you spent to get to Tokyo. 😉

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