Food Tour Shibuya: A 3-Hour Food Lover’s Dream Experience

Updated November 4, 2019 | by Chad A. Thiele, 23 year veteran of Tokyo.

Sometimes you just want to get out and try foods without having to plan it all out yourself. And it sure would be amazing if someone would just show you around, wouldn’t it?

Well, you’re in luck!

If you’re looking for things to do in Shibuya, and you love food (who doesn’t), then you’ll want to check out this 3-hour Shibuya foodie tour on Voyagin.

How does this sound?

No maps. No planning. No need to think even.

The only thing you need is your appetite.

The price of the tour includes the price of the food and one drink. You literally just follow the guide and enjoy the amazing food with wonderful company.

Laugh, eat, and enjoy.

You’ll get local food experts who have spent their lives in Tokyo — showing you around, helping you discover those tiny back alley food joints tourists never see.

And I’m telling you, these are the absolute best things about Tokyo. Even after 22+ years here, I LOVE discovering these places.

Dine like a local in Shibuya

You probably already know about the Shibuya Crossing. That mega-intersection where thousands cross daily.

This popularity also means the shops that spring up around it are the touristy shops.

But either you’re not interested in those, or you’ve already had your fill of them. Now it’s time to discover what the locals prefer.

What’s on the menu?

Of course, this is the best part! The variety here is remarkable (that’s a huge reason to love Tokyo).

You’re going to experience the whole gamut of amazing foods.

Yakitori? Yep. Of course yakitori! You can’t go down these alleys and not bump into the most incredible yakitori shops.

Oh, as you’d expect, you’ll definitely be trying wagyu skewers. There’s just no way any guide worth their salt wouldn’t introduce you to these.

You’re also going to try okonomiyaki and takoyaki as they make in Osaka — often considered the best kind — and the birthplace of these fantastic dishes.

No foodie tour of Shibuya would be complete without sampling 7 different kinds of fresh sushi.

And then cap it off with one of my favorites: taiyaki! A fish-shaped “cake” filled with anko beans, custard, or more (my personal favorite is custard).

I’m getting hungry just writing this.

Love the whirlwind tour

In all, you’re going to hit 5 different shops and try 10 different foods — in 3 hours.

You’re going to love this so much 3 hours will fly by and you’ll be begging for more.

So don’t wait, get booked up for this fantastic foodie tour in Shibuya – skip the touristy stuff and discover the best food locals love to enjoy.

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