Samurai choreography lesson

Samurai Swordfight Choreography Lesson

Updated November 4, 2019, by C. Thiele, 23 year veteran of Tokyo.

Have you ever watched one of those fantastic, intricately crafted samurai fight scenes in the movies and wished you could be a part of the action?

You know the ones with all that excellent style, and flair pulled from history.

Now you can.

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Much like the craziness from Tetsuro Shimaguchi’s choreography in the Kill Bill movie, you’ll become the star in your martial arts cinematic debut!

A Unique Experience

Are you looking for exciting things to do in Tokyo, Japan, that aren’t the typical tourist traps? 

If you travel all the way to Japan, why not experience a bit of history and learn some cool sword moves too!

This is the real, traditional Japanese movie sword-fighting choreography experience.

Samurai Sword Fighting

This photo was taken before samurai garb.

This is no joke. You’ll gain insight into samurai values and receive training on using a katana, the traditional Japanese sword of legend.

You’re going to learn how to engage multiple opponents the same as samurai swordmasters would have. 

It’s all step-by-step and designed to help you learn all about staged fights and participate in all of it. You’ll get the behind-the-scenes, martial arts, close combat at large-scale feel. 

This is from the tour:

Your instructors will teach you how to control your mind and body, adding an athletic element. You’ll start from basic movements gradually stepping up to faster ones until you can slip into the world of cinematic fighting.

Learn how to simulate the delivery or reception of convincing killing strikes while interacting with multiple opponents, under the careful instruction of a professional sword-fighting actor.

This is a unique experience you’ll never forget from your travels!

How It Works

During your experience, follow all instructions and prioritize safety. Children (ages 8–12) must be accompanied by at least one adult. 

Complimentary baggage storage available so your belongings are secure. 

From there, you’ll change into your samurai garb and then start receiving your step-by-step instruction.

You’ll learn to hold the sword and how to respect the sword. And then move right into basic movements whole holding a sword.

Before you knot it you’re in the thick of a close-quarters sword combat battlefield (inside a tiny dojo). 

And after some practice, it’s your time to shine. You’ll act out the choreographed action (this is especially when you’ll want your camera ready). 

The duration of the whole experience is roughly two hours. 

What To Bring

It’s not much, the samurai clothing and weapons are provided. Bring the confirmation email you get after purchasing your reservations.

You’ll also want to bring drinks and towels because, well, you’re going to sweat a lot from all the mortal combat you’ll be involved in. 

Of course, don’t forget to bring your camera! You’ll want to record all the action so you can watch it later. Make sure to check storage, would be a shame to miss even one minute of your martial arts film debut. 🙂

Typical Schedule

  • 10:00 – Opening (30 minutes)
    • Change clothes
    • Kenjutsu explanation
    • Respect to the sword demonstration (tōrei)
  • 10:30 – Introduction (30 minutes)
    • Learn how to hold a sword and basic movements
  • 11:00 (30 minutes)
    • Practice sword fighting
  • 11:30 – Performance (15 minutes)
    • Perform a sword fight scene
  • 11:45 – Closing (15 minutes)
    • Farewell greeting
    • Respect to the sword demonstration (tōrei)
    • Change clothes
  • 12:00 – Experience ends


Your cinematic combat adventures take place at a small dojo named Takase Dojo in a small suburb town of Tokyo called Fuchu.

Map pin to Takase Dojo in Fuchu
A 12-min walk from Kita-Fuchu Station

Takase Dojo
3-21-25 Harumicho, Fuchu-shi, Tokyo 183-0057
Tel: +81 42-361-5578

*At the time of this writing (21 October 2019), the price is ¥21,600 per person.

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