Welcome to the World’s Largest Starbucks; In Nakameguro, Tokyo, Japan

Starbucks Reserve Roastery Tokyo is currently the largest Starbucks in the world, built in the Nakameguro area of Tokyo, Japan.

By now you’ve no doubt heard of the massive four-floor Starbucks Reserve Roastery opening in Tokyo recently. It really is incredible.

I wonder though, is it worth it? I mean, it is “just coffee.” It is an experience too I suppose. But as of writing this, there is an average wait time of 5 hours to get in! And I wonder how much this will dwindle over time, being smack in the middle of Tokyo.

But back to the building. It really is an incredible feat of architecture, which is why I wanted to show you this article by Spoon & Tamago — they have a keen eye for artistic quality.

+For the past 3 years Starbucks has slowly been rolling out what they’re calling Reserve Roasteries: luxurious shops that offer crafted coffee and differentiated beverages. The Tokyo location is the 5th of such stores and the largest to-date, boasting 4 differentiated floors of coffee goodness. It’s basically Disneyland, but for coffee.Spoon & Tamago

What’s inside? Is it just coffee?

Nope! The standard Starbucks coffee is on the menu of course, but there’s also the Princi Bakery inside where you can grab some delicious baked goods.

And if you’re a Teavana fan, this location is also the largest Teavana location

But what you may have come for is the Arriviamo Bar, where you can taste all sorts of coffee-inspired adult beverages of your choice. Check out their specialty item, the Nakameguro Espresso Martini

At “just” ¥2,000, it’s a blend of Japanese vodka, cacao and chestnut liqueur and of course, freshly brewed espresso, topped with chocolate shavings — because, why not?

And while the world probably does not need another Starbucks, this one is unique and interesting enough to check out. Plus you’re right there next to the Meguro river.

If you visit in late March/early April, you will be in for a treat — the cherry blossoms are incredible here!

How much does the Starbucks Reserve Roastery cost?

Expect to spend around ¥1,000-¥2,000 per person here, day or night.

Starbucks Reserve Roastery 11 min walk from Naka-Meguro Station

+The same architect for this project also designed the incredible Starbucks in Fukuoka.

+Savvy Tokyo has a fantastic article on this new Starbucks roastery too: “Not only because it’s a beautiful coffee house with awe-inspiring design, but also because it’s spacious enough to let you breathe in and enjoy the creative vibe.