Tsukiji Fish Market: Change Creates Controversy

Updated October 15, 2019
Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo, Japan

The Tsukiji Fish Market is the legendary market people from all over the world came to see famous tuna auctions first-hand. Until it moved.

Is the Tsukiji Fish Market still open?

No… and yes. The “inner market” has been moved to the Toyosu Market. This is the part where the fish comes in from the fishermen. This is the famous tuna auction. All moved.

However, the “outer market” is still available with all the amazing street food. And keep in mind the market is closed on Sundays, holidays, and even on most Wednesdays — as weird as that sounds.

Tsukiji Market 5 min walk from Tsukiji Station #tsukiji

The “outer market” of Tsukiji remains

Luckily, the part most people actually enjoy, the so-called “outer market” is still intact — at least for now.

And this is where all the delicious street food is. If you watched the video above you can see many of the same stalls are still in business and the market is hopping.

Controversy and Emotions

I also want to point this article out by Metropolis Japan because it is poignant and interesting. If you didn’t know about the controversy surrounding the market move.

+Tsukiji’s beloved and legendary fish market ceased operations on Saturday, October 6 after 83 years at the site. It was a day filled with strong emotions. Quite a few inner market workers have chosen retirement over a move to the new market in Toyosu and many more are unhappy with the Tokyo government’s decision to relocate.Metropolis Japan

In the wake of this move is a lot of emotion, controversy, and destruction of history and culture. It makes me sad to read some of the stories.

Family run businesses that have been passed down through generations going out of business rather than move.

On one hand I suppose it was inevitable right? Advances in technology and aging facilities eventually overrule the nostalgia and history.

Plus the Tsukiji Fish Market was smack in the middle prime downtown Tokyo real estate. As you can imagine, that’s a difficult force to avoid.

And so the “inner market” moved to the Toyosu Market. I wonder if it will ever become as legendary as the Tsukiji Market?

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