Winter Illuminations in Japan: 2018 Roundup

Updated October 15, 2019
Winter Illuminations in Japan: 2018 Roundup

Every year Japan puts on an amazing light show across the country. Thanks to the magic of LED lights, cities and even large companies set up millions of Christmas lights — and there’s even a competition for which city has the best illuminations each year!

Of course, this also means websites talking about Japan all begin posting their Japan winter illumination articles. Rather than doing the same thing, I curated a list of great articles for you.

Before we jump to this list, here’s a great video showing off last year’s best illuminations:

Hand-picked 2018-19 Illuminations in Japan Articles

Top 10 Picks for Tokyo Winter Illuminations 2018-19

Until recently, it was all about the number of bulbs—LEDs make it possible to string up tens of thousands of twinkly lights without draining all the electricity from the power grid or electrocuting birds on a rainy day. Now, the light-up game has changed with projection mapping, digital choreography and interaction being used to draw in an audience.

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Tokyo illuminations 2018-19

The days may be getting shorter and colder, but even so, Tokyo doesn’t turn into a dark and desolate place at this less than cheery time of year. In fact, the city transforms into a sparkling winter wonderland as millions of colourful lights are displayed in trees, on and around buildings, and even on landmarks like Tokyo Tower.

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Tokyo Winter Illumination Guide 2018–2019

What’s the best thing to do in Japan during winter? Ski, hot spring or eating winter foods?? One thing you shouldn’t definitely miss is winter illumination events which are held across the country during winter! Especially in Tokyo, there are numbers of spots offering gorgeous illuminations brighten up the city.

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Tranquil Night Illumination at Heisei No Mori Park | KAWAJIMA

“Tranquil night illumination in remote location – With such a variety of night illumination in Saitama, most people have access to a display within commutable distance. If you are feeling”

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Meguro River pink illumination

“The Meguro river crosses Tokyo and flows into the Tokyo Bay, creating a thin, 7 kilometer long line of greenery. It is a place renowned for its beauty in the spring, when the cherry trees are blooming.”

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Tokyo Midtown’s Outer Space-Inspired Christmas Illuminations 2018

“Midtown Christmas is one of the most spectacular Christmas illumination events in Tokyo. The event is held from Nov. 18 to Dec. 25 at the Plaza Area of Tokyo Midtown located near the Roppongi Station.”

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Sagamiko Illumillion: Experience One of Japan’s Most Spectacular Winter Illumination Events

“One of the top three illumination displays in the Kanto region, Sagamiko Illumillion is a spectacular winter light display held in the mountain ranges just outside of Tokyo. All it takes is a 90-minute commute to transport yourself from the urban hustle and bustle of Tokyo to an otherworldly winter wonderland filled with over 6 million bulbs of light”

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Smart Illumination Yokohama 2018

“Smart Illumination Yokohama features beautiful modern light displays on the waterfront of Yokohama. The event starts in late fall and some installations are kept until the end of the year.”

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Japan’s biggest and best winter illuminations light up the 2018 – 2019 season

“To say that Japan loves its winter illuminations is as ridiculous an understatement as some of said illuminations are ridiculously over the top. And with between 700 – 800 illuminations switching on across Japan in the 2018 – 2019 winter season, choosing the biggest and best of these illuminations is a daunting task. So, let’s let someone else do it.In this case then we turn to the 6th Illumination Awards, organized by the Yakei Convention and Visitors Bureau and entertainment event company Pia Corporation, the winners of which were announced on November 13 this year.”

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This Week(End): Tokyo Area Events For Dec 8-9

“Despite being blue, blue and nothing but blue, this illumination (ranked No.1 in Tokyo, by the way!) can never make you sad — take our word for it. Sponsored by the famous pasta sauce maker Ao No Dokutsu (Blue Cavern), the Koen-dori street leading toward Yoyogi Park are lit-up by 600,000 blue LED lights creating a spectacular monotone glow.”

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One more fantastic video

This one is a little long, but it is a great video of John from “Only in Japan” who documents a lot of things he does in this interesting country. Here John explores the streets around Tokyo station showing off the illuminations.

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